Carson City pounded by gas increase

Gas prices are on the climb again, according to an American Automobile Association study, and Carson City is being hit the hardest in the Silver State.

Since August, gasoline consumers in Carson have seen the price for regular unleaded spike 34 cents, from $1.42 to $1.76. That eclipses the statewide increase which averaged 23 cents and brought the September price to $1.67.

"Historically, turbulence in the world markets often causes gas price fluctuations," said AAA spokeswoman Lisa Foster. "But motorists should realize that the supply, demand and delivery infrastructure of gasoline were not interrupted in last week's attack.

"The jump in retail prices was mainly the result of already increasing retail prices. Also, there is no reason to believe that these price increases are caused by price gouging or gasoline shortages."

The national average price increased 15 cents to $1.54.

"In a show of support and friendship, OPEC nations would increase their production levels if the gasoline situation worsens," said energy analyst Alan Kovski. "But these hikes are not expected to endure."


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