Back swing position

The arm swing. Here's an excellent drill to train the arms to swing correctly on the back swing:

Adopt the address position (without the club).

Hold the left wrist.

Rotate the shoulders 90 degrees around a stable right thigh.

As the shoulders and chest rotate allow the left arm to swing until it is level with the ground.

See that the left arm is fully extended although a slight bend is


The right elbow is in front of the right shoulder.

A line through the hands and neck should point to the target.

Repeat this drill on a regular basis. During the speed of a full swing the hands will swing higher. This position must be learned through practice and cannot be manipulated.

The correct hinging of the wrists will be discussed in next week's column.

Terry Gingell is the PGA Pro at Eagle Valley Golf Courses. He can be reached at 775-887-7174.


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