Community Center seeks technical support

There is no lack of action at the Carson City Community Center, but technicians to run the lights and cameras are running short.

"I need to branch out so I can get a full complement of crews for shows that will be coming into the theater," said Gary Guberman, head technician for the center.

A grant-funded program two years ago trained dozens of students in the technical aspects of theater operations. However, the grant expired and the students have since graduated from high school.

"Since it's been a year or two since the program, we need to find something new," said Mitch Ames, the facilities operation supervisor for the center. "We're trying to reestablish our pool which has shrunk quite a bit."

Guberman, who will coordinate the program, is looking for high school students 16 and older who are interested in learning the behind-the-scenes skills of theater.

"If 20 kids are interested, I'll train 20 kids," he said. "My main thing is that they're interested in this and have a desire to learn."

The program is scheduled to begin Oct. 12. Training will last about two days then students will assist in setting up the Ice Box dance club for middle school students.

The remainder of the training will be on-the-job during performances.

Ames said the program will not only benefit the arts community but will also benefit the students involved with the show.

"It gives them a sampling of a possible career path," he said. "Some kids have come to us thinking they might want to go into the theater and, once they've explored that path, found out it's not for them.

"Others who maybe weren't sure of it thought, 'this is great,' and have gone on to study it in college."

Students who participate in the program will be on call for weekend and evening productions. They will get paid for their services through the fee charged to companies using the center.

The Carson City Department of Recreation, which runs the community center, is also looking for funding sources for additional training and to pay technical staff for nonprofit productions.

Applications may be picked up at the Carson City Community Center, 851 E. Williams St.

For information on the technical training program or to donate to the program call Gary Guberman at 775-887-2290 ext. 151 or Mitch Ames at ext. 108.


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