Spring Creek student raises money for attack victims

ELKO - When 7-year-old Kimber Payne heard about the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, she wanted to help.

She asked her parents for money to donate to the families of the firefighters, but they suggested she find a way to raise the funds.

And she did - more than $800 so far.

"I think it will make their families feel a lot better," Kimber said.

Kimber began making American flags out of safety pins and red, white and blue beads to sell to her friends where she lives in Spring Creek, a small community about 15 miles from Elko.

"I thought she'd sell 20 of them or so," said her mother Stephanie Payne. "It's just kind of gone crazy from there."

Kimber and her family traveled to Carson City a week ago to present Gov. Kenny Guinn with a flag pin which he displayed at the firefighters memorial in Mills Park on Oct. 13.

Kimber makes the pins when she gets home from her second grade class at Spring Creek Elementary School. She's made more than 1,000 but does not plan to continue once their sold.

After an article was printed in their local newspaper, The Elko Daily Free Press, the Paynes received about 70 phone calls for new orders.

"I've told everyone we'll keep doing it until the supplies run out," Payne said. "But she's 7 - I can't expect her to continue this forever."

However, Kimber has not minded the extra work.

"It's fun making them," she said. "It's especially fun when you get to give the firemen at New York City the money. That's why I like to do it."

Before she is finished, Kimber would like to send a pin to President Bush.


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