Teacher Appreciation Week

To mark Teacher Appreciation Week, which starts today, the Nevada Appeal is publishing a sampling of the letters sent to us by Carson City students about their teachers.

- I like my teachers because they are nice and sweet. They teach us math and how to do money and they help us. Sarah Irvin, First grade, Bordewich Bray

-I like my teachers because they teach us math.

Shawntay Braeamontes, First grade, Bordewich Bray

- I like my teachers because they are nice and we do fun stuff and we play games and we do centers. And it is fun and I like all my teachers and we get to go on field trips and we get to do math and we get to go out to recess. I think school is fun. Tyler Jeffers, First grade, Bordewich Bray

- I like my teachers because Mrs. Rand, she is nice. She is sweet and she called me Muffin and Sweetie. Jenna Kochamp, First grade, Bordewich Bray

- I like my teachers because they let us have free time. They let us learn. They let us go on field trips. They let us make stuff. They let us do stuff. They let us have our own lockers. They let us learn how to read books. They let us learn math. They let us have fun. They let us have lots and lots of fun. Stevie Butterfield, First grade, Bordewich Bray

- I like my teachers because they teach me to read. Jorge A. Gutierrez, First grade, Bordewich Bray

- I like my teachers because they take us on field trips and they are nice. Justice Sanchez, First grade, Bordewich Bray

- I like my teachers because they teach us math and they let us have free time. Peter Montjo, First grade, Bordewich Bray

- I appreciate Miss Bobula because she has taught me the best she could. Every day Miss Bobula was ready to teach us more. Linda Murray, Fifth Grade, Mark Twain Elementary

- Not many people think what teachers do for them. Teachers give most of their day to teach kids. Our education is free. It doesn't even cost a penny! They give us a head start in life for nothing in return. So please if you don't appreciate teachers, start! Bryttny Beaupre, Fifth Grade, Mark Twain

- I just wanted you to know how much kids appreciate teachers. People who don't appreciate teachers should change and appreciate them, because without teachers, we'll not have a successful career in the future. Teachers try their best to teach us successful skills to go on in life. They have a way to get our attention to them. Teachers aren't bad so appreciate them for all they do for us. Arlette Munos, Fifth Grade, Mark Twain

- Of all the teachers I have had, Mrs. Hensler is one of the best. Many teachers have influenced me, but Mrs. Hensler has done so much more. In her class, I was never bored. She tries to make math a little more interesting for her students, and I think she succeeds. She also stands out as someone I trust. Even though I am no longer in her class, I still go to her room and talk to her; she was one of the first persons to know my ACT scores. A good teacher to me isn't just someone who gives out information, but a teacher is someone who influences their students' lives, and I think Mrs. Hensler has done that. Dorothy Seidel, Junior, Carson High School

- I believe that the teacher who has influenced me the most has been one of the Naval Science instructors at this school. Sgt. Major Baker has changed me, as well as a lot of other NJROTC cadets, into disciplined teenagers who have pride in our country. I am now a motivated individual who can participate in physical activity with no sweat at all. He has also cleared the image of the military by explaining what its real role is: to protect our country. He has also explained that out in the real world, a person requires leadership qualities in whatever they do; he has taught those as well. Sgt. Major Baker, this is to you. You have been a great influence in my life. Thank you. Greg Segale, Junior, Carson high School

- There has been one teacher in my life who has changed me significantly for the better. My third grade teacher, Mrs. Gammell, taught me and my classmates to have self-confidence. Without this confidence, I might not have had the guts to go out and achieve all that I have so far in my life. Another thing she taught me is that it's okay to have fun. Endlessly working might earn success, but it doesn't earn happiness; fun is essential to happiness. She encouraged us to meet new people and just be ourselves and not let anyone get us down. I appreciate all that she has taught me, and I will carry Mrs. Gammell's lessons with me throughout my life. Kristi Volk, Junior, Carson High School


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