Show some empathy for a mother's plight

I wanted to respond to someone I overheard while enjoying the Nevada Day parade. A mother was passing around flyers about the mysterious death of her daughter. A woman next to me hit her friend, when they came around with the flyers, and said, "Let's spend taxpayer's money."

If she is speaking for Nevada or Carson City, she makes me sick to be one of

them. If she is speaking for herself, I am happy to announce her daughter

was standing beside her, happy and alive. What a wonderful thing she

obviously takes for granted: A LIFE. A human being. Somebody's flesh and

blood. Only this Califonia mother no longer has her 16-year-old with

her, and to me, it seemed like she only wanted to know why.

So ... to the woman that doesn't want to waste her tax money: I feel sorry

for you and your family. I hope they are worth all the money in the world.

I know mine are, and I can bet that this other mother's daughter was, too.


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