Reverend Barbara Ann wants to marry you

GARDNERVILLE - Rev. Barbara Ann wants to marry you.

If you're planning an intimate wedding ceremony and want to hold it in the Carson Valley, she would love to officiate the event in her cozy Gardnerville chapel.

Barbara Ann Pilkington, 59, was ordained as a minister of the Universal Life Church in 1993 and is licensed to perform weddings in Nevada. Her weddings can be non-denominational with emphasis wherever each couple prefers.

Pilkington has married many couples, but she said that the coming turn of the century is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that many engaged couples are looking to for a memorable occasion to tell their children and grandchildren about.

"How many times do we get to witness this, the turn of a century?" she said. "We'll be available to do ceremonies either before or after the New Year's - whatever couples want."

If the bride and groom prefer to have an on-location wedding ceremony, Rev. Barbara Ann will gladly officiate. Fees for wedding ceremonies in any location are variable but reasonable, she said. Included in the fee is a consultation which takes place days or weeks before the ceremony. At that time, Rev. Barbara Ann will consult with the couple to find out just what they want in the way of vows and ceremonious details. For couples with no available witnesses, husband Jim is always available, Pilkington said.

"Jim has stood up for many couples," she said. "Sometimes people are new here or just passing through and they just don't have the witnesses, so Jim does it."

Pilkington, who exudes calm and enthusiasm at the same time, said she has found the experience of marrying couples to be one of joy.

"Bringing people together on such a happy occasion is so rewarding," she said. "I just love doing weddings."

Most of her business is by referrals, Pilkington said, and she even hears from one couple she married several years ago, who send her a card on each wedding anniversary.

Rev. Barbara Ann's wedding chapel is located at 1459 Highway 395 in Gardnerville. Barbara Ann and Jim have converted the quaint house, which most recently housed Dawn Rae's Antiques, into a wedding chapel with a delightful atmosphere.

The chapel itself will accommodate around 10 people in addition to the bride and groom. Rev. Barbara Ann also has Christian meditation groups that meet in the chapel.

For more information, call Rev. Barbara Ann at 782-3336 or e-mail her at REVBARBARAANN@


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