Rehab center gives valuable treatment

I would like to express my sincere appreciation for the professional treatment and medical care I received from the Carson-Tahoe Hospital and the Carson Rehabilitation Center after my April 1999 heart attack and my recent total knee replacement surgery.

My judgment is based on extensive medical treatment and care from injuries received in World War II and Vietnam, and subsequent treatment through the U.S. Army and the VA hospital systems. I am a 100 percent service-connected disabled veteran. I had been having my recent treatment through the VA Medical Center in Reno.

However, last year, through a checkup at the Carson-Tahoe Wellness Clinic, my PSA was found to be over 6.7. I discussed this with my primary care physician at the VA and was informed that they knew it was high and were keeping an eye on it. This was unacceptable to me, so I decided to seek a second opinion. Through Dr. Upton in Carson City, a malignancy was discovered and treated successfully with the radiation/hormone procedure.

When I had my heart attack on April 1, 1999, my wife's 911 call activated immediate EMT response and transportation to the Carson-Tahoe emergency room. An angiogram determined that I needed a triple bypass, so I had the option of going to any Reno hospital. I decided to stick with the "civilian" hospital and went to Washoe Medical Center where Dr. Chapman successfully performed the bypass surgery. At the conclusion of my hospitalization, I elected to come home and have home physical therapy and home nurse treatment.

After this very professional treatment and care, I was recommended for follow-up treatment at Carson-Tahoe Cardiac Rehabilitation Center. During the interview at this center, I was rejected for treatment due to a slight tremor that was a residual of my bypass operation. However, my observation of the entire cramped facility made me very pleased that I was not going to be accepted for therapy.

In August, Dr. Basa recommended evaluation of my left knee from Dr. Edmunds of the Tahoe Fracture and Orthopedic Medical Clinic. (I had my right knee replaced at the Reno VA Medical Center seven years ago.) X-rays showed that I needed a total left knee replacement as soon as possible. After clearance from Dr. Juneau, my cardiac specialist, the operation was successfully completed on Oct. 21, 1999. It was recommended that I receive follow-up treatment and care at the Carson Rehabilitation Center. I was leery of this due to my previous experience with the Carson Cardiac Rehabilitation Center, but agreed to the arrangement with the provision that I could leave at any time for follow-up treatment at home. I stayed until I was released and I am continuing my rehabilitation on an outpatient basis with excellent results.

As an aside, I would suggest that the Carson-Tahoe Cardiac Rehabilitation unit be incorporated into the Carson Rehabilitation Center if feasible and space permits.

I want to express my sincere thanks for the professional treatment and care I received at the Carson Rehabilitation Center, especially to Ann Testolin, the administrator, and Elaine Messerli, Director of Nursing. The nurses, therapists, food service and, in fact, the entire staff are to be commended for their positive attitudes, their kindness and their willingness to go the extra mile to assist people in need. This "can-do" attitude cannot be directed; it must come from the heart. Young people such as these who choose such work as a career make it a very pleasant experience for all of us and renew our faith in the younger generation.

How fortunate we are to have such professional facilities for the Carson City area.


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