Pizza ad not the only uncouth one on TV

I would like to applaud the letter from Jean M. Sullivan concerning the disgusting TV ad from Round Table Pizza. I am sure that many others were appalled at the contents of out-of-control children and the unscholarly man who was supposed to be a teacher.

The Round Table Pizza ad is not the only one that has uncouth activities portraying our so-called "being oneself" or doing "your own thing" society, but so many more are using the "shock treatment" to get the public's attention. What is so amazing is that so many of this type of advertising involves fast food chains.

What has happened to the great commercials that the Madison Avenue creators used to give us? Perhaps foreign agents have infiltrated to help bring down our country's basic values of good taste, courtesy and judgment.

I happened to view two TV ads that gave me hope that all is not lost as yet. One was for Tootsie Rolls and the other for Crayola.

In reflection of my childhood, I recalled a singing radio commercial of that 1939 era. It was for a breakfast food and was played in the morning hours.

Cream of Wheat is so good to eat, yes we have it every day.

It makes us strong and we sing this song and let's shout hooray.

It's good for growing babies and grownups too, to eat.

For all the family's breakfast you can't beat Cream of Wheat.

Perhaps the old ad is now too old-fashioned and a bit trite for today's audience, but it sold a lot of the product mentioned. No, I don't own stock in that company.

My thanks again to Jean M. Sullivan and her input.


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