No offense intended to active ministries

In response to the Nov. 14 letter from Roy and Virginia Marenco of St. Gall's Catholic Church, I would like to state I'm glad your church is involved with outside ministries, and the article I wrote was not meant to slight anyone or any church.

The article stated others, from churches in Gardnerville, not naming names, and it's sad you took offense as none was intended.

All we're searching for are people of any church who want an outreach ministry and who may need help in getting coordinated and involved in this ministry.

This ministry is for the elderly and shut-ins.

If anyone reading this article would like to help, please call me at 884-1223, or Bruce Coulter at 882-0730. We will be happy to give you the guidelines you need to get involved.

May God touch the hearts of the readers of this article and our plea for help.


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