Lovelock prison industry program opens

LOVELOCK - The Lovelock Correctional Center's long-awaited Prison Industry program is ready and looking for customers.

John Woodburn, who heads the facility 75 miles northeast of Reno, said Silver State Industries not only provides inmates with productive jobs, it also supports itself and helps inmates pay restitution to their victims.

He said the facility at Lovelock has 30,000 square feet for industrial customers.

Prison officials will hold an open house Friday for businesses interested in setting up an industrial operation in the Lovelock Correctional Center, the state's newest northern Nevada medium security facility.

Woodburn said the advantages to business include competitive prices and a stable work force, because all the workers are inmates. He invited those interested to check with the parent Prison Industries program run by Deputy Prison Director Howard Skolnik in other facilities.

Businesses interested should contact Woodburn at 887-3331. The prison is at the Coal Canyon turnoff of Interstate 80 just outside Lovelock.

Prison officials say the prison industries program has returned more than $366,500 to the state in the past fiscal year through inmate room and board payments. In addition, inmate earnings put more than $64,000 into Victims of Crime and Capital Improvement funds.

Prison officials say the programs, which range from a mattress factory to a print shop and book bindery to the traditional state license plate factory, are designed to reduce inmate idleness. But they also teach job skills inmates can use when they are released.


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