Letter: school safety

With all the recent violence at places where our children are supposed to be safe, the unthinkable happens. Lives have been lost. Could any of these deaths have been prevented through safety measures? This writer thinks so.

Today as I write this, my son sits at an elementary school here in Douglas County with entrance doors unlocked for anyone to enter. As our children innocently sit in their classrooms, they are literally sitting ducks. How many of our county's schools have these open doors? What other unsafe practices exist in our schools? Even after the recent seminar by the sheriff from Columbine High School in Colorado telling us that our community is at risk, what has been done?

You would have thought by now that we as a community had learned from past mistakes and are taking precautions to better protect our children. Starting by locking these doors so that no one can enter from the outside but allowing them to be opened from the inside permitting easy escape. Having only ONE entrance during school hours and that entrance be visible to school officials. So that anyone entering our schools is seen. Our schools also have entrances that curtains block visibility. As pretty as they are, I'd much rather know that my child is safe.

Changing these simple and inexpensive details is a start towards making our schools safe. A safety council could be implemented to look into any other safety measures that should be taken. We have a beautiful community filled with wonderful children, let's not wait until the inconceivable has happened and regret that precautions weren't implemented.


Carson City, NV. 89705


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