Letter: GID meeting

Your Nov. 8 article on the Gardnerville Ranchos GID meeting of Nov. 3 by Merrie Leininger made me wonder if your reporter and I attended the same meeting. As reported, one would get the impression that only 40 people attended the meeting. In actual fact, there were in the neighborhood of 200 plus people who attempted to attend, but due to fire safety limitations, the door to the meeting room was closed when approximately 40 people were actually in the room.

To describe the several comments made during Rob Anderson's

presentation by those who were fortunate enough to get into the room as

"rowdy," is, I believe, a very good example of journalistic license.

There were indeed several comments during the presentation, but to

describe them as rowdy is not accurate. Each time this happened (perhaps

three times) Bruce Nystrom easily regained quiet. The comments, I

strongly suspect, were made as a result of the contents of Rob

Anderson's presentation, which many people in the room found not to be


While those of us who oppose the granting of a zone change sympathize with the Park Cattle & Land Co. in that they are losing money on the Tillman Center, this being a free capitalistic country, they, like anyone else who choose to make a given investment, are not guaranteed a positive return. While we sympathize with them, we do not want to redeem their investment at the cost of a casino going into our residential neighborhood.

The three trustees of the Gardnerville Ranchos GID who voted against

supporting the zone change application voted in the best interests of the residents of our residential area, and for this, we who oppose it, are very grateful. We realize the fight is not over yet, but rest assured that we will continue to make our views known at the Dec. 14 Douglas County Planning Commission meeting and the Douglas County Board of Commissioners meeting in January 2000.


Gardnerville Ranchos


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