Editorial: Leviathan Mine is an example

In these days of running battles between Nevadans and the federal government, it is heartening to see a place where everyone can get along.

Leviathan Mine may serve as an example where everyone can agree on a course of action that benefits future generations.

Douglas County commissioners agreed with officials from the Environmental Protection Agency that Superfund status would help clean up the mine and limit future damage.

While Leviathan Peak is a long way from Carson City, there is a thread that links the two, the Carson River.

From Leviathan Mine to Bryant Creek to Indian Creek, chemicals being leached from the mine are easing downstream into the Carson river's east fork.

Environmental officials are testing the river and say the chemicals are being diluted to a safe level.

That's the good news.

The bad news is that Leviathan may never stop leaking toxins.

That means that no matter how hard we scrub, the stain that is Leviathan Mine will never come out.

All we can do is hope that it fades to a light scar, a reminder that everything we do to the Sierra changes it forever.


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