Does Bernstein have a chance?

The folks who are backing Edward M. Bernstein will probably be cheered by the news that Democrats in Nevada have gained a slight registration edge over Republicans, according to a story in today's edition.

However, Democrats must be wondering if the ubiquitous television lawyer is really the man they want representing them against John Ensign.

Bernstein for his part came out swinging against Ensign, with the help of material from Sen. Harry Reid's bloody battle with the Las Vegas Republican who would be senator.

Bernstein has money and knows how to get more, which makes him a threat to the Ensign camp. And then there is name recognition, which in Bernstein's case may not be such a good thing.

Ensign's name has been connected with public service, specifically two terms in Congress.

Bernstein is best known for his television commercials touting his legal service. He has never run for public office.

He may turn out to be the best man for the job, but he will probably just make a loud splash in an election decided when Attorney General Frankie Sue Del Papa withdrew.


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