Carson's ghosts speak

The spirits of Carson City history spoke Saturday in the annual Ghost Walk tour of homes and buildings in the west-side historical district.

Giving voice to those ghosts were area history buffs who volunteered to bring the stories of Carson's early days to life.

Victoria Roberts sat outside the home of native basket weaver Dat-So-La-Le, whose works gained worldwide attention through the promotion of local store owners Abe and Amy Cohn.

Roberts said her interest in area history was sparked by a Nevada women in history course she took from the late Jean Ford, the Nevada politician and teacher.

"Most of the women and men who are doing this today love history and want to share it with the people on the our," Roberts said.

Roberts said she was part of the tour to give the flavor of Dat-So-La-Lee and her baskets, rather than an entirely accurate depiction.

Amy Cohn was portrayed by Eileen Cohen. As Amy, she told tour participants about the life of the basket weaver and how the Cohns had supported her and her husband for years as she hand-wove the tight, patterned baskets.

Then she took participants inside the Cohn home for the ghost stories, about how the shade of Amy Cohn had treated the tenants over the past century, depending on whether she liked them.

Bob Gillott of Virginia City was one of several members of the Virginia City Gunfighters who were recruited to help as a volunteer docent or guide for the tour. Gillott appeared as Pronto Pike, a 19th century Virginia City sheriff's deputy.

Gillott said reliving history by recreating is an increasingly popular activity. A number of organizations throughout the nation have formed to support the hobby and its weekend events, whether they are stagings of gunfights or recreations of entire civil war battles.

Saturday's ghost walk was the seventh in Carson City. Many of the historic home were open for guided tours, while others also featured the ghostly portrayals.

The Carson City Convention and Visitors Bureau and the Carson City Redevelopment Authority sponsors the annual tour, with the help of several other organizations and individuals.


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