Carson Country students to participate in Science and Technology Day

RENO - Students from four Carson Country high schools participated in the University of Nevada, Reno on Monday for the 13th annual Science and Technology Day.

Top science and math students - from Carson, Dayton, Fernley and Yerington - got a hands-on look at the university's cutting-edge laboratories and research labs.

"Every year, we get to use the brightest science students in Northern Nevada and northeastern California invigorated by the pursuit of knowledge," said Mary Paszek, Science and Technology Day chairman and university honors program official. "It's fun to see their enthusiasm for learning and vision for the future."

She said more than 300 students from 50 high schools from Northern Nevada and northeastern California participated.

There were 32 demonstrations in science and technology slated in two-hour morning and afternoon sessions. The program started at 9:15 a.m. with a lunch break, and finished at 3:30 p.m.

A sampling of the laboratory work included:

-- Electric Vehicle Demonstration: Two electric vehicles to illustrate the potential for increasing urban air quality.

-- Robots in Industry: Students trained small- and medium-sized industrial robots to memorize tasks and move independently.

-- DNA Fingerprinting - A Cutting-Edge Approach to Genetic Identity: Participants identified distinctions between their DNA samples, using their own hair.

-- Cottonwoods and the Truckee River: Students examined a cause and effect relationship between Truckee River water flows and the growth of cottonwood trees. They also studied the riparian area habitats for birds and fish.

-- You are the Doctor! Problem Solving in Medicine: Students interested in health careers researched and diagnosed a simulated live patient's illness, then developed a treatment plan.


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