Carson City Health inspections

The Carson City Health Department's food-service inspections included (all scores are on a 100-point scale):

- Taqueria la Salsa, 1946 E. Highway 50, 74. Improper procedures were used when washing items and utensils in the three-compartment sink. There is evidence of rodents in the establishment and in the outside storage shed. Storage of food in unapproved structure outside the building. Food removed from original containers is not stored in approved container. Cover of container is not impervious or non-absorbent. Store all foods and drinks in a manner that will protect from dust, flies, vermin and other contamination. Use clean cloths on food contact surfaces of kitchen or equipment and use for no other purpose. A supply of soap or detergent and sanitary towels must be available at each lavatory. Cover inside containers after they are filled. Clean floors and maintain cleanliness. Provide lamps that are shielded, coated or shatter-resistant. Completely shield heat lamps with only bulb face exposed. Remove litter and keep free of litter. Certified personnel must be present. Personnel should wear appropriate/clean clothing while working. General cleaning of dining area.

- Papa Murphy's Take and Bake, 4314 S. Carson St., 98. Food removed from original container is not stored in approved container. Cover of container is not impervious or nonabsorbent. Storage of exposed flour next to hand wash sink. Do not use cloth rags as part of the three-step wash method.

- Mallard's Restaurant, 1875 Fairview Drive, 94. Frozen meat is thawed in a manner that does not minimize microbial growth. Meat was being stored in hand wash sink. Frozen food was not correctly stored six inches above floor. Cloths used on food contact surfaces were not clean.

- Mallard's Bar/Lounge, 100. Establishment is clean and well maintained.

- Carson A&W Family Restaurant, 2190 E. Highway 50, 98. Non-food surfaces of equipment or utensils are not properly constructed or repaired - reach-in refrigerator line. Cloths for wiping food contact surfaces must be clean, dry and used for no other purpose or stored in an approved sanitizer solution.

- Garibaldi's, 301 N. Carson St., 95. Food items are not properly segregated/wrapped/covered/protected in reach-in refrigerators. Cloths used on food contact surfaces are not clean. Food contact surfaces of equipment or utensils are not clean. Clean ice machine.

- Panda Kitchen, 1986 E. Highway 50, 97. Store all items at least six inches above floor. Store ice scoop on a clean, hard surface or in the ice with the handle extending out of the ice. Store raw, uncooked meats separately from ready-to-eat foods to prevent any possible cross-contamination from occurring.

The Nevada State Health Division conducted an inspection of Douglas County's food-service establishments as follows (all scores are on a 100-point scale):

- Carson Valley Golf, Bar, 100.

- Carson Valley Golf, Restaurant, 98. Provide temperature gauge for each cooler and freezer. Label spray bottle with contents. Kitchen is spotless. Excellent!


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