'Driver's racing privileges reinstated at Champion Speedway'

After two appeals to the Competition Committee at Champion Speedway, Hobby Stock driver Mike Fuller's driving privileges have been reinstated.

Fuller met with members of the committee Thursday evening to hear the conditions of his reinstatement.

"The committee asked me how racing at Champion Speedway would help me and my sponsors," said Fuller.

"So I told answered them in a short and simple message, that I want to come back and race at my hometown track. I like it here."

Fuller was suspended July 14 for speeding in the pit area. The initial suspension was for the remainder of the racing season.

Fuller said he has no problems with other drivers and he himself is a competitive driver and enjoys racing.

"As far as respect with the officials, it's a two-way street. They have to earn my respect as well as I have to earn their's."

Fuller added that Les Kynett, promoter and general manager of Champion Speedway apologized for himself and any other track official that may have caused any intimidation, and then welcomed him back to Champion Speedway.

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank my sponsors, friends and fans for sticking with me and supporting me over the past six weeks," said Fuller.

During Fuller's absence, two other drivers, one in the hobby stock division, the other in the sportsman class, were also suspended for actions on and off the racetrack.

Allen Hunter, driver of the No. 15 in the hobby stock division, was suspended for one week and fined $100 for intentionally hitting the No. 3x car driven by Rafael Gomez, who was parked in front of a watering station in the pits on July 18.

According to Gomez, the hit pushed his car forward, knocking his brother Gerardo to the ground. Hunter hit Gomez's car again, nearly running Gerardo over.

"I'm just glad I was in the car and able to put my foot on the brake," said Rafael Gomez. "If I didn't, who knows what would of happened. My brother could really have been seriously hurt."

Hunter's suspension allows him to return Saturday, without having to appeal to the committee for reinstatement.

In the sportsman division, Dave Sciarroni, driver of the No. 25, was also suspended for one week and fined $100 for "laying in wait" and spinning out the No. 29 car driven by Frank Sanfelipo, also on July 18. Sciarroni will also be allowed to race Saturday.


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