New license plate supports the future of American farming

Brian Corley photo.Heather Dye, executive secretary of the Nevada Future Farmers of America, displays one of the new agriculture license plates.

Brian Corley photo.Heather Dye, executive secretary of the Nevada Future Farmers of America, displays one of the new agriculture license plates.

President Bush has held one. Sen. Dean Rhoades, R-Tuscarora, and Sen. Lawrence Jacobsen, R-Minden, both own one.

And now the new Nevada agriculture license plate is available at the Department of Motor Vehicles for anyone else who would like to support the state's farming organizations.

The Future Farmers of America and the Nevada Agriculture Council sponsored the development of the plate, which will assist in funding agriculture education programs.

"This is one of those moments of my legislative career that I cherish and the real winners are the kids in FFA," said Rhoades about the development and release of the license plate.

Plans began one and a half years ago for the plate, said Heather Dye, executive secretary for the Nevada FFA.

"First we had to go through the Legislature and then we had to get 250 supporter signatures," Dye said.

The plate depicts a cowboy holding a calf, looking out into the mountains, and was designed by John Duffie of Minden.

The first plate was stamped Aug. 6 and was given to Ron Squires, who helped with the development.

The second plate was given to Jacobsen and the third to Rhoades.

The new plate will also help promote Nevada's agriculture industry.

"Agriculture is a strong foundation of Nevada," Dye said.

The plate's initial fee is $61, of which $25 is divided equally between the FFA and the council.

The FFA's portion will go into a foundation that will assist agriculture education programs in the state.

Of the $30 renewal fee, $20 will be split between the two organizations.

There will be a silent auction for plate numbers four through 68 and 70 through 100.

The auction allows the high bidders to reserve a specific plate number.

All proceeds from the silent auction go directly to the FFA and council.

Seanne Culver, Nevada FFA president and 100 other FFA members met with President Bush on July 27, after listening to him speak about the importance of American agriculture and the education system.

"It was an honor to shake President Bush's hand. He was so open and willing to meet us (FFA members). When I asked him if he would take a picture of the new Nevada agriculture license plate with me, he said yes and was 'glad to help,'" Culver said.

The Nevada FFA is a nonprofit organization established to promote FFA in Nevada and provide financial support for FFA programs and activities that help students develop their potential for premier leadership, personal growth and career success through agriculture education.

What: First 100 Nevada Agriculture license plates silent auction

When: July 15-Aug. 26

Where: or call (775) 687-9246 to place bid

Information: minimum bid $20


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