Delinquent candidates told to pay fines

The Nevada Attorney General's Office has sent letters to 60 candidates who either failed to file contribution and expense reports for the 2000 elections or filed late.

The secretary of state's office turned in the list saying those candidates had failed to meet requirements of Nevada's campaign disclosure laws or failed to pay the fines imposed for filing late.

The list includes candidates for offices ranging from small improvement districts to the state board of education, legislature and even judicial posts. Most prominent among the names from Western Nevada is Ron Weddell, who ran against Justice of the Peace Robey Willis.

Nevada law requires candidates to disclose the contributions they get and how they spend the money during campaigns. The final reports were due in January following the November elections last year.

"This is an important component in educating voters as to who those candidates received money from and how that money was spent," said Attorney General Frankie Sue Del Papa.

The letters give the candidates until Sept. 10 to respond and make arrangements to resolve their particular problem. Some candidates filed the reports but did so after the deadlines for the three different reports. Fines begin with $25 for being a day late but can escalate to as much as $15,000.

Del Papa said the Attorney General's office will proceed with legal action against those who fail to take care of the problem.

"Even if a candidate did not receive any contributions or have any expenses, voters legally have a right to know this too," she said.


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