Kathleen Elliott Carson

March 24, 1952 - January 20, 2023

Kathleen Carson was born in Orange, CA., into a third generation of ranchers that raised citrus and avocados. Her parents were Robert James Elliott and Patricia Louise Benson. They were both educators.

Kathleen was well versed in several interests including hunting, fishing, cooking, landscaping and geology. She gained experience in land development, real estate and became a licensed arbiter/mediator.

Kathleen was part of Hoag Hospital’s philanthropic foundation as part of the 552 Skeet Shooting Club. The rest of the 552 members welcomed her as their only female teammate. With her championship skeet trophies, her teammates quickly gave her the nickname, “the Sniper”.

Kathleen moved to Genoa is 2021 and enthusiastically embraced the four seasons in her beautiful Carson Valley. She had many plans to enjoy this area, but an insidious cancer changed all of that.

Kathleen was a follower of our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus and put all her faith and trust in Him! She will be buried at the Genoa Cemetery, per her desire