Meagan Joan Figueroa

August 31, 1975 - July 15,2023

Meagan Joan Figueroa
August 31, 1975 - July 15, 2023

Meagan Joan Figueroa, 47, of Tucson, AZ, began the next phase of her spiritual journey In Globe, AZ on July 15th, 2023. Meagan was born in Tucson, AZ on August 31, 1975, to Mari Rosaschi and Robert Figueroa.

From there her mother moved them back east to Alexandria, Virginia. In 1987, an 11-year-old Meagan moved from Virginia to Carson City, NV with her mother, brother and two eldest cousins, Greg, and Cameron. She finished her schooling in Carson after a brief move to Washington DC.

In her signature fashion, Meagan roamed the Southwest throughout her twenties as red rocks and cacti always seemed to call her home. Eventually, she found her way back to Nevada in 2008 to call Lake Tahoe home, where she found well-deserved peace with her dog, Lindy, on a beach in Zephyr Cove.

Shortly thereafter, Meagan moved back to Carson City to find a career in construction bookkeeping and another four-legged life partner in a goofy German Shepherd mix she named Hayduke. She spent four more years in Nevada before landing back in Tucson to continue her career, and it was during this time that her soul discovered the outlet for her restless spirit: motorcycles. She spent much of the free time in her final years
acquiring parts for, building, and riding motorcycles.
Between Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, and Mexico, she found her tribe of road warriors, and racked up countless memories and adventures.

Meagan had a rebel soul with a fiery spirit and a kind, yet fiercely guarded, heart. She suffered no fools with a quick wit and a sharp tongue. But whether you were four-legged or two, her giant heart and devious smile let you know when she counted you as a friend. Meagan always walked her own path, and often alone, but if you found yourself walking alongside her, it always felt like home.

Meagan is survived by her older brother, Paul Rosaschi; Aunts Tania Coon, Suzanna Taylor, and Halana Salazar; Uncles John Souther and Randy Taylor; Cousins Greg Fields, Cameron Webster, Aaron and Jessica Taylor, and Shea and Aubrey Salazar. A beloved daughter, sister, niece and cousin, Meagan will be sorely missed, yet never forgotten.

A poem written by her cousin:
Busted in, just behind the 8.
May have been little,
Never too little, too late
Cloud full of wonder
Painful beauty full of stars
A lone 2-wheeled banshee
In a sea of idling cars
So bright a flame
To find tempered light
She crested the peak,
With a smile and a fight
Her twists, they were many,
Though enemies, few
Fireworks at night
To give the sightless a view
Warmth of her heart
Like the edge of a knife
She cut through the tethers.
Of this thing we call life
With spirit ablaze and sun in her eyes
Let us behold
Her triumphant rise

for MeagaMouse...May you reach Heaven half an hour
before the Devil knows you’re dead...Love Stinky
Written by: Shea Salazar 8-17-23.