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Highway 395 closed by 3,000-acre Slinkard fire

The Slinkard fire as of 4 p.m. Wednesday.

Highway 395 is closed from the Nevada state line to Bridgeport by the 3,000-acre Slinkard fire, according to the Nevada Department of Transportation.

Douglas County Search & Rescue and deputies are going door to door to warn residents in the Topaz area that the fire is moving north, and that they may want to evacuate.

In Nevada, residents aren’t required to evacuate unless ordered to do so by the governor.

On Thursday, the Nevada Highway Patrol Northern Command West expanded the South Bound Highway 395 road closure, closing the road at Leviathan Mine Road in Gardnerville.

Crews are focusing their efforts on the eastern flank, closest to Topaz, according to the state.

For public safety, Hwy 89 is closed between Hwy 395 and Highway 4 (at Monitor Pass). Unsettled weather will remain a concern for today, with thunderstorm activity and winds in the forecast.

There are five crews, numerous engines, three helicopters are support staff assigned to the fire.

A Type III Team has been ordered.