The R-C Valentine’s Day Morning Report |

The R-C Valentine’s Day Morning Report

by Kurt Hildebrand

Genoa, Nev. — Gov. Brian Sandoval asked the Nevada Department of Transportation to work on the intersection at Centerville at Monday’s Nevada transportation board meeting. Rancher Pete Sinnott spoke in favor of a roundabout at the meeting, according to the Nevada Appeal.

Expect busier than average traffic on Mottsville and Muller lanes and Foothill Road since Highway 50 at Logan Shoals remains shut down, and folks commuting to and from Tahoe will be using those routes.

The next set of storms are expected to be weak to moderate, according to a statement issued by the National Weather Service on Tuesday morning. Wednesday night will be blustery as they start to roll in.

Today’s forecast is for sunny skies and a high near 52 degrees.