The R-C Morning Report for Jan. 31 |

The R-C Morning Report for Jan. 31

by Kurt Hildebrand

Genoa, Nev. — There may be smoke coming from the Pine Nuts over the next while as the Bureau of Land Management burns piles left over from the thinning. Most of the smoke in our portion will be near Sunrise Pass Road and south of Pine Nut Road. has been out of commission for a while. We’re told the emails are still there, but we haven’t been able to access them. If there’s something you need in the paper send it to me at or to Always a good idea to put the second email address on there anyway.

Warm days and cold night are going to add up to icy walks for the next little while. Be careful going in and out to avoid slipping and falling.

This morning the forecast includes patchy freezing fog until 10 a.m. After that expect mostly sunny skies and a high of 51 degrees. The wind will be out of the southwest at 5-10 mph.