The Feb. 5 R-C Morning Report |

The Feb. 5 R-C Morning Report

Genoa, Nev. — State and federal water officials will be trekking to Mount Rose to measure the snowpack this morning. I can already tell them it’s not particularly good at 62 percent of average with the Truckee River Basin at 45 percent. The Carson River basin is at 38 percent, and Lake Tahoe’s running 28 percent.


A hearing to reschedule a trial in the death of Ian Toepfer is set for this morning in Douglas County District Court. John Stalcup is facing charges for shooting Toepfer is August 2015.


A Gardnerville man who tore up and down Main Street at high speed back around Thanksgiving is scheduled to be sentenced today. Daniel E. McDonald, 32, faces up to six years in prison for eluding, but he is also eligible for a suspended sentence.


There was some flooding in a building on Park Place on Sunday. I’ll check into it today and see if it was anything newsworthy.

Speaking of not newsworthy, what’s with the weather? Mostly sunny, highs in the 60s. It’s warm, but not warm enough to break records, which were set in 2001. I barbecued on Sunday and one of my Super Bowl guests feared the fruit trees might be fooled into thinking spring has arrived.