The Dec. 29 R-C Morning Report |

The Dec. 29 R-C Morning Report

Genoa, Nev. — Firefighters will start work in earnest to extinguish the Holiday Fire burning in the Pine Nuts south of Gardnerville. I couldn’t see it for the trees in my viewshed, but I received reports that it was visible from Genoa and Minden, in addition to Gardnerville.

As of 7:45 a.m. today, the fire is 40-50 acres in size and putting up a lot of smoke, though there’s no active flames, according to the incident commander. It’s surrounded by an old burn and firefighters say there’s no threat to structures.

Some of that’s going to change when the wind picks up to 20 mph gusts at 1 p.m. Expect relatively sunny skies with a high of 64 degrees. The wind will be out of the southwest at 10-15 mph.