Ron Walker

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A sonnet to the past

Senior Scene

Life in Smith and Mason valleys

“I’m livin’ the dream,’” the checker at Raley’s in Yerington chortles and follows with “paper or plastic?”

Dining at Café Girasole

Located just a stone’s throw from Sharkey’s Casino in Gardnerville, is a culinary delight. Orllyene and I discovered it after one of our ubiquitous safaris to Gardnerville-Minden. I was desperate for a new dining experience and I found it.

The talents of Carmen Valdez

Carmen dusts, mops, vacuums, and scrubs our house clean every Friday. The part of the equation that tips the scale ev¬¬¬en more in our favor is how much we enjoy her company. She is definitely a bright spirit.

Liz Farrusco, nurse, cow wrangler, friend

After five months of home healthcare, visits from home healthcare nurse, Registered Nurse Liz Carrusco are coming to a close.

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