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Travel more, worry less

Years ago, my parents took trips to Guerneville, Calif., from their home in Hollywood.

It’s hard saying sayonara to good friends

I’m sad to say our friends, Kurt and Chizuru Hervin, have moved away. They now live in the lush farmland village of Hiroshimaken, Japan.

From fortune cookie to mountain top

I recently had occasion to spend a great amount of time in San Francisco. Of course, we went to as many Chinese restaurants as we could. Part of the fun of going Asian are the fortune cookies they give you at the end of each meal. I collected so many that I mounted them in a picture frame.

A sonnet to the past

Senior Scene

Life in Smith and Mason valleys

“I’m livin’ the dream,’” the checker at Raley’s in Yerington chortles and follows with “paper or plastic?”

Dining at Café Girasole

Located just a stone’s throw from Sharkey’s Casino in Gardnerville, is a culinary delight. Orllyene and I discovered it after one of our ubiquitous safaris to Gardnerville-Minden. I was desperate for a new dining experience and I found it.

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