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New adventure for Alpine Kids

Alpine Kids will be moving to Gardnerville after decades serving Alpine County

Alpine County's Power Couple starts a new chapter

How did they fall in love? “He listened to what I was saying like it was really important,” said Edie Veatch about Skip, her husband of 52 years.

Diary of an Alpine evacuee

A fire is a living entity, creating its own rules from the nature of its being. It is not kind or thoughtful, nor in the least judgmental. It takes both the saintly along with the wicked in its own portions.

Pickup an early symbol of Tamarack loss

What was going to be the first Death Ride for Bill Magladry, turned out to be the last “Death Ride” for his truck.

Chamber director a great coach

Carson Valley Chamber Director Alicia Main is passionate about her community and her life, and it is reflected in the way she behaves.

What about Big Foot?

As he lumbered down the fire scarred mountainside, she could see that whatever the creature was, it was way bigger than her Uncle Alvin, who stood about 6 foot 3.

To the stars with Faith

She heard her name repeatedly in sermons each Sunday, and once she was old enough to read she found it written over and over in the Bible. Faith Harper has “lived her name,” using it as a directive to guide her in everything she does.

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