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Remembering Alpine’s last Coyan

A memorial for Gary Coyan is 3 p.m. July 2 at Turtle Rock Park just before Markleeville.

Exploring the Range of Light

Husband-and-wife team Jerry and Janine Sprout own the Diamond Valley Company, and are the publishers of the “Trailblazer Travel Book Series”.

Sandwalkers find love between the lowest and highest points

On a clear day, you can see both the lowest point in the western hemisphere, -282 feet below sea level near Badwater, and the highest point in the 48 contiguous states, the summit of the 14,495-foot Mt. Whitney.

Forgotten Tales of Carson Valley

She is a history sleuth, a detective with pen in hand, searching remnants leftover from earlier times. She puts them together to tell long-lost stories from the back pages of our local towns.

Bohlman stands out from the crowd

Lifelong Gardnerville resident Dale Bohlman was born in his family home on Douglas Avenue, delivered by Dr. Hand in 1940.

New adventure for Alpine Kids

Alpine Kids will be moving to Gardnerville after decades serving Alpine County

Alpine County's Power Couple starts a new chapter

How did they fall in love? “He listened to what I was saying like it was really important,” said Edie Veatch about Skip, her husband of 52 years.

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