Topaz Lake water level is high |

Topaz Lake water level is high

Hello, fellow anglers. Very few fishing reports have come in this week. I suppose that might be due to the crazy march weather we are having.

On Friday, I spoke to a fellow angler in Minden and they received two inches of snow. Here at our home on the north end of Minden we received 10 inches by 8 a.m., while many mountain passes were closed Friday morning due to heavy snow and avalanche controls.

We need a good snow pack to fill up our lakes and reservoirs, although one exception right now is Topaz Lake. I have not seen so much water in Topaz in many years. The water is so high at the Douglas County boat launch that one of the ramps is under water and it has already been brought up to adjust for the lake level. The ramp on the right side is up as high as it will go.

Also of note, you will see some new signs on the north end of the lake along the road way. The signs start at the northwest corner and go up to the county park. They read, “Overnight camping, campfires and vehicular access are prohibited on this property. Violators will be considered Trespassers.”

This means that you will no longer be able to drive down to the lake with your vehicle to fish or recreate. You may park on the pullout areas of the road above and walk down to fish. This decision was made by the Walker River Irrigation District in cooperation with the Douglas County Parks Department and the Nevada Department of Wildlife. This decision was made because of a few individuals over a period of time who have abused the privilege and destroyed private property in that area.

Any place that we have access to fish is a privilege, it is not a right. Please use courtesy, stay on designated roads and clean up after your self. If you take it in with you, then take it out when you leave. I have seen in the past where people have hiked up to a lake with a beverage 12-pack, but they can’t take the empty cans back when they leave. This effects us all for future accessibility to enjoy our outdoor lands.

The Topaz Lodge Derby will continue until April 15. Week 9 brought a result that, to my recollection, has not happened in the derby. David Peterson from Carson City took first-place with a tagged 5.11-pound, 23-inch trout, and he also took second-place with a 3.15-pound, 21-inch trout.

For Week 10, Ryan Terry took first-place with a 4.9-pound, 22-inch trout. Shane Trudale took second-place with a 3.15-pound, 21-inch rainbow trout.

As of last week, 235 fish have been weighed in at over two pounds. Also a note as for the tagged fish. There have been a few private derbies that have placed tagged fish in the lake over the last couple years. Topaz Lodge will only recognize tagged fish they have planted. Those fish are very distinct, as they will have either topaz lodge or TLC and a number imprinted on the tag.

I caught a tagged fish last week that was red in color with no markings on it. This was how I learned of this, which was disappointing, but understandable. Topaz Lodge cannot be responsible for someone else’s tagged fish.

Good luck on your next fishing adventure. I hope to see you on the waters. If you have a picture of your catch, send it to and if you have a question about our local fishing area, call the Naw line at 267-9722. Good fishin’ and tight lines.