Today is first day of April fishing |

Today is first day of April fishing

Hello fellow anglers. This will be my last report, as the Naw is retiring from writing about fishing and will be doing it a lot more in person instead of writing about it.

As you know, there are only 29 days until opening trout season in Alpine County. Many of you are starting to plan ahead for the weekend of April 30. I just wanted to give you some information on the campground situation. Carson River Resort is open all year, the Crystal Springs and Markleeville campgrounds are scheduled to open April 29, Hope Valley Campground is scheduled to open May 20, Kit Carson Campground is scheduled to open May 13, Silver Creek Campground is scheduled to open June 17.

Indian Creek campground is not scheduled yet, but they have in past years opened on the first weekend in May. For the higher campgrounds such as Blue Lakes, Wood Lake, Caples Lake and Silver Lake, I would not start to plan a trip to camp there until mid-June.

For the June Lake Loop area, I would recommend you call ahead to the various resorts to find out their schedule. Many of the area roads may still have snow until mid-May or later. I will pass on to you more information as the season progresses.

Because it is April 1st, beware of April fools jokes. The “Naw” has not hung up his pen yet.

Now let’s check out our local fishing report.

SILVER LAKE: The lake has 3-4 feet of ice with a foot or more of snow on it. Fishing accessibility has been a long trek through the snow.

CAPLES LAKE: The ice is 3-4 feet with a couple feet of snow on it. Matthew Cross was staying at the resort last week and caught a nice 2-pound mackinaw. Matthew was fishing in 20 feet of water using a combination of a gold Kastmaster with a piece of shrimp on it. Most anglers have been fishing at the dam area. Nightcrawlers or fresh water shrimp from your local grocery store have been most productive. Some anglers have made the hike down to the Woods Creek area and have done well with nightcrawlers or jigging Kastmaster lures. Be careful in that area, as the snow can be deep enough that you need to watch your footing.

RED LAKE: The lake is still 3-5 feet of ice with a couple feet of snow on it. Best action has been early morning with night crawlers. Some anglers have been using small Thomas Buoyant spoons or gold Kastmasters. Average rainbow has been 10 to 13 inches.

INDIAN CREEK RESERVOIR: The lake is starting to get a little moss bloom. Not the summer weeds but the green slime right on the bottom. With the weather clearing up here and there, fishing has picked up a little. I talked to a few anglers that caught their limits of nice 1.5 to 2-pound rainbows. They were using Powerbait by the dam area. This weekend should bring temperatures in the high 60-degree range. This should get fish on the bite early in the morning. Remember, when fishing Indian Creek, you can catch fish in 2 feet of water or 10 feet of water. If you are not getting any bites, change your area, length of how far you are casting as well as color of Powerbait. The fish are definitely finicky at times. Then there are times when all you have to do is inflate your nightcrawler to trigger a bite.

TOPAZ LAKE: The Topaz Marina is open with rental boats as well as boat launching. I spoke with Chuck this week and he told me a couple anglers did very well early in the morning for fish up to 3 pounds. Blades and a nightcrawler have been productive. Many anglers have been trolling Rapalas. Shore anglers have done just as well on the California side with nightcrawlers. Call the Topaz Landing Marina at 266-3550 for more information.

TOPAZ LAKE DERBY: Week No. 12: Jose Lopez took first-place with a 3.6-pound rainbow, while Jeff Porras took second with a 2.15-pound rainbow. One tagged fish was brought in and 22 fish were weighed in over 2 pounds. Week No. 13: Jimmy McKinney from North Carolina caught a 5.9-pound rainbow while second-place was a tie for Robert Lekumberry from Sparks and Ron Wilson from Topaz Ranch Estates. Their fish were both 3.4 and 22 inches long. There were 15 fish over 2 pounds weighed in and one tagged fish brought in. Call Topaz Lodge at 266-3338 for more information.

NEVADA DEPARTMENT OF WILDLIFE FISH PLANTS: These plants have been made over the last week or so. Fort Church Hill Pond, Hinkson Slough, North Pond, Martin Slough, Mitch Pond, East and West Walker Rivers.

Good Luck on your next fishing adventure. Remember no matter what your destination is, let someone know where you are going and when you will return.

If you get a picture of your catch send it to or if you have a question or a report in our local fishing area, call the Naw Line at 267-9722.

Good fishin’ and tight lines.