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Tiger swimmer tops Northern 4A Region list

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Baylee Silveira


Swimmer of the year:

Girls: Benedict Nagy (McQueen) and Baylee Silveira (Douglas)

Boys: Luke Hobson (Reno) and Moises Martinez (Wooster)

Divers of the year:

Girls: Regan Caufield (Reno)

Boys: Payton Lee (Spanish Springs)



200 Medley Relay: Reno; Douglas (Taylor Knowles, Jack Stevenson, Joey Smithen, Justin LoPresto).

200 freestyle: Luke Hobson (Reno), David McLean (Manogue).

200 individual medley: Moises Martinez (Wooster), Nathan McAlister (Reno).

50 freestyle: Ben Peters (Reno), Sam Dericco (Manogue).

1-meter diving: Payton Lee (Spanish Springs), Alexander Laningham (Douglas).

100 butterfly: Nathan McAlister (Reno), Joey Smithen.

100 freestyle: Brett Kolb (Carson), Ben Peters (Reno).

500 freestyle: Luke Hobson (Reno), Sam Deruse (Manogue).

200 freestyle relay: Bishop Manogue, Douglas (Justin LoPresto, Conner Taylor, Taylor Knowles, Joey Smithen).

100 backstroke: David McLean (Manogue), Tanner Murphy (Galena).

100 breaststroke: Moises Martinez (Wooster), Owen Otuafi (Reed).

400 freestyle relay: Reno, Carson.


200 Medley Relay: Spanish Springs, Bishop Manogue.

200 freestyle: Claire Trevithick (Reno), Alison Cameron (Reno).

200 individual medley: Benedict Nagy (McQueen), Summer Murphy (Galena).

50 freestyle: Alexia Taylor-Arredondo (Spanish Springs), Hannah Hudson (Reno).

1-meter diving: Regan Caufield (Reno), Brooke Michael (Galena).

100 butterfly: Blair Hall (Reno), Samantha Beck (Spanish Springs).

100 freestyle: Baylee Silveria (Douglas), Alexia Taylor-Arredondo (Spanish Springs).

500 freestyle: Benny Nagy (McQueen), Annika Hobson (Reno).

200 freestyle relay: Spanish Springs, Reno.

100 backstroke: Baylee Silveira (Douglas), Blair Hall (Reno).

100 breaststroke: Samantha Beck (Spanish Springs), Summer Murphy (Galena).

400 freestyle relay: Reno, Carson.



200 medley relay: Carson, Reno.

200 freestyle: Sam Deruse (Manogue), Matteas Klatt (Carson).

200 IM: Tanner Murphy (Galena), Joey Smithen (Douglas).

50 freestyle: Justin LoPresto (Douglas), Jason Muff (Galena)

1-meter diving: Andrew Salas (Manogue), Eric Stewart (Manogue).

100 butterfly: Taylor Auger (Galena), Reece Canfield (Carson).

100 freestyle: Sam Dericco (Manogue), Jason Muff (Galena).

500 freestyle: Matteas Klatt (Carson), Jack Stevenson (Douglas).

200 freestyle relay: Carson, Reed.

100 backstroke: Taylor Auger (Galena), Taylor Knowles (Douglas).

100 Breaststroke: Ryan Luke (Reed), Nikolas Powers (Reno).

400 freestyle relay: Galena, Douglas (Conner Taylor, Daniel Taylor, Jack Stevenson, Kade Forbes).


200 medley relay: Douglas (Kaela Forvilly, Taylor Sullivan, Baylee Silveira, Lilyanne Bickmore); Galena.

200 freestyle: Annika Hobson (Reno), Kate Ingle-Awong (Spanish Springs).

200 IM: Mallory Hart (Manogue), Erin Dawson (Reed).

50 freestyle: Nicole Van Geel (Carson), Mallory Jennings (Reed).

1-meter diving: Taylor Michael (Galena), Madison Moffett (Spanish Springs).

100 butterfly: Mallory Hart (Manogue), Kate Ingle-Awong (Spanish Springs).

100 freestyle: Claire Trevithick (Reno), Brylee Monroe (Reed).

500 freestyle: Alison Cameron (Reno), Julie Abrigonde (Galena) .

200 freestyle relay: Douglas (Lilyanne Bickmore, Cailey Tollmann, Taylor Sullivan, Baylee Silveira), Galena.

100 backstroke: Hannah Hudson (Reno), Julie Abrigonde (Galena).

100 Breaststroke: Amelie Palmer (Spanish Springs), Erin Dawson (Reed). 400 freestyle relay: Douglas (Sarah Hyatt, Julia Chappell, Kaela Forvilly, Cailey Tollmann), Reed.

Douglas High’s Baylee Silveira was named girls co-Swimmer of the Year on the Northern 4A all-region swimming and diving list that was announced this week.

Silveira, a sophomore, emerged as the region gold medalist in the 100-yard backstroke and 100 freestyle and first-team selections for those events at the end of her first season for the Tigers after transferring from Lubbock High in Texas. She shared co-Swimmer of the Year honors with McQueen junior Benedict Nagy (region 100 individual medley and 500 freestyle champion). Silveira also placed second in the backstroke and fourth in the freestyle at the state meet.

Two other Douglas individuals received first-team recognition: Alex Laningham as a diver and Joey Smithen in the 100 butterfly. Laningham was the region boys diving champion in 23017.

The Tigers also had two relay teams receive first-team honors, the 200 medley relay (Taylor Knowles, Jack Stevenson, Smithen and Justin LoPresto), as well as the 200 freestyle team (LoPresto, Conner Taylor, Knowles and Smithen).

The Douglas boys captured their fifth straight region team championship on May 12 in Carson City. The Tigers used overall depth to roll up 381 points to win the title. Douglas was the region gold medal team in the 200 medley relay.

Note: Shelby Koontz, who now competes for Indiana University, was honored as Northern 4A Swimmer of the Year four straight years between 2013-16.