Tennis: Douglas sweeps Wooster |

Tennis: Douglas sweeps Wooster

by Joey Crandall

Nikki Villoria and Melissa Oglesby each continued their domination of Northern 4A opponents as the Douglas girls’ tennis team defeated Wooster 36-9 Thursday afternoon at Wooster.

The Tigers’ top two each swept their three sets on the afternoon. Oglesby remained undefeated on the year despite being challenged early by Wooster’s Danielle Crowell.

Crowell worked herself up to a 2-1 lead, but Oglesby’s rocket-speed serve and ability to force her opponent to commit errors took over to claim the last five games.

“She (Crowell) was a solid player, but I wasn’t going to let her get to me,” Oglesby said. “She was stronger in the beginning than I was and I was still trying to get in the swing of things, but everything started clicking for me.”

Villoria defeated Crowell 6-1 later in the match.

Cristina Milner and Patricia Salazar won two sets, as did Mandy Moore and Christina Wilson-Louch. Kristy Jilk and Lena Ibadoul, Sarah Barnhill and Lauren Seymour and Meghan Ezekiel and Lindsay Larkin each won one set for the Tigers.


Josh Sorich, David Coats and Matt McLaughlin each won their singles sets on the way to the Tigers’ victory at Wooster.

Holden Sapp and Jeremy Henningsen won three sets, Gabe Grobben and Trevor Mitchell won twice, Matt Whipple and Sean Mitchell won twice and the team of Dean Williams and James Stockton won once.