Tennis: Douglas runs over Railroaders |

Tennis: Douglas runs over Railroaders

Joey Crandall

The Douglas boys’ tennis team had Sparks seeing double Thursday afternoon at Lampe Park.

Holden Sapp and Jeremy Henningsen, who have not yet lost a set this season, swept through their two sets as the Tigers’ No. 1 team and newly-paired Gabe Grobben and Josh Sorich swept through their first three sets as a team to lead Douglas to the 34-11 victory over the Railroaders.

Henningsen and Sapp have quietly been piecing together a perfect season with solid net play and excellent team chemistry. Both have lanky and athletic builds which contribute to their ability to cover a lot of ground to get to the ball.

The teams of Matt Whipple/Sean Mitchell, and Dean Williams/James Stockton each won a set for the Tigers.

Trevor Mitchell and Matt McLaughlin each won a singles set for Douglas.



Melissa Oglesby and Nikki Villoria stayed on their incredible hot streaks, each sweeping their three sets to lead the Tigers.

Oglesby has yet to lose this season.

Kristin Jarboe won her two sets on the singles side as well.

Cristina Milner and Patricia Salazar won two doubles sets, Mandy Moore and Christina Wilson-Louch combined to win twice and the teams of Lena Ibadoul/Kristy Jilk, Mackenzie Leslie/Amanda Lugone, and Amanda Camp/Kayla Smith each won once.