Show courtesy to fellow anglers |

Show courtesy to fellow anglers

Hello fellow anglers. I have heard over and over how bad the fishing is because of low waters in our area. There are plenty of places to fish in our local area that are very fishable.

Renee and I fished up on Wolf Creek, Silver Creek and the east Carson River last weekend. Some were good, others were slow, we adjusted for every place we fished and had a successful fun day.

I have to tell you of an experience we had on the east Carson River. I was fishing on a long stretch of the river, when an angler from upstream apologized and asked to pass in front of me. I had not noticed he was playing a nice trout. I reeled in my line and gave him plenty of room to pass. He was successful and landed a nice 2-pound rainbow. That is what courtesy is all about when fishing around other anglers.

Later that afternoon, Renee had been fishing a 10-foot stretch of the river and having good success. An angler from upstream was walking in the river on the other side casting a jig. After about 15 minutes he worked his way down and walked right into where Renee had been casting. We decided to leave, but I first had to tell him that he was rude in what he had done. The man started yelling at us, that he has a right to fish anywhere he wants on a public river. He went on to add how he works six days a week and pays taxes and had paid a lot of money for his license. I told him I just wanted to let him know he was rude. He then accused us of poaching and wanted to call the game warden. I offered him the number. He then proceeded to tell me that he wanted to put his fist in my face and throw my wife into the river. At this time Renee and I ended the conversation and headed for the truck. We parked about 100 feet from the area and we could still hear him yelling.

This angler had issues or just had a bad day and we did not want to add to them. We left the area and fished elsewhere. Otherwise, the day was good. Renee had mastered the art of throwing a Roostertail lure in fast moving water and had caught and released over 15 fish. But the angler was correct, he did have the right to fish any where he wanted, he just did not want to use common courtesy to other anglers. I only wish him good fishing and tight lines away form other anglers. Here is your local fishing report.

LAKE TAHOE: Captain Zack from Tahoe Sport Fishing said the kokanee have started to come into the south end of the lake. Kokanee fishing is usually good from mid-July to September. Last week they caught 20 kokanee and four mackinaw. They have been fishing mainly the west and north west end of the lake. They have been getting limits of average mackinaw on most trips. For more information call Tahoe Sport Fishing at 530-541-5448. For those anglers that want to shore fish, Cave Rock was planted with rainbow trout this week by the Nevada Department of Wildlife.

CAPLES LAKE: The water level is still high and the lake is clear. The Eldorado boat launch is open at 6 a.m., where as the Caples Resort ramp is open at 8 a.m. The fishing has been on and off. I fished with Geary and Deanne Ness two weeks ago and we could not buy a bite, even in my favorite hole. We trolled for four hours and decided to try another place. I did see a couple anglers with one small rainbow each. The lake was planted with trophy rainbows three weeks ago and a few of them periodically have been caught, which leaves about 1,430 pounds left to catch. The resort is open for boat and cabin rentals. Call Caples Lake resort at 209-258-8888 for more information.

RED LAKE: This time of year is green with algae. Fishing has been slow for anglers I have spoke to.

BLUE LAKES: The lake level has dropped about 20 feet in water level and 100 feet in shore level. Some angler shave been shore fishing with salmon eggs and getting some pan-sized rainbows, perfect size for breakfast. The boat launch is not usable unless you want to carry your small boat or canoe to the lake.

WEST CARSON RIVER CALIFORNIA SIDE: California Fish and Wildlife planted the river last week. As a note, this will be their last plant of the year. Many anglers have been doing good with salmon eggs or small spinners. The Alpine County Fish and Game was scheduled to plant this week, but due to low waters, they may have only planted a couple areas. For more information or to make a reservation call the Creekside Lodge in Markleeville at 530-694-2511.

EAST FORK CARSON RIVER CALIFORNIA SIDE: The water level is stable and fishing has been very good. The California Fish and Game Department planted the river last week and the Alpine County Fish and Game planted this week. Anglers have been using small silver spinners in the faster moving waters. Some anglers have been using orange or yellow Powerbait. If you want to have a fun time, use a fly rod or an ultra light with one small pinch weight and drift into faster waters. Call Carson River Resort at 530-694-2229 for more information. They have cabin rentals or a full hook up RV campground as well as a dry riverside campground.

In the meantime, I hope to see you on the waters. If you get a picture of your catch, send it to If you have a question in our local fishing world call the Naw Line at 775-267-9722. Good fishin’ and tight lines.