Shining through the darkness |

Shining through the darkness

Carter Eckl

It’s no secret everyone is looking for reasons to find optimism in the world during a global pandemic.

A nationwide trend to turn on the football field lights hit home with Douglas High Principal Joe Girdner as he figured it would be another way to help inspire hope in the community.

The idea behind lighting up the football field for Girdner was to show the community hope.

“As a symbol of hope and an assurance that you are on our hearts and minds,” said Girdner. “Our buildings may be closed, … however, we are always here!”

Tiger football coach Ernie Monfiletto didn’t need much convincing to help out and starting last Friday Douglas High plans on turning on the football field lights every weekday from 8 to 9 p.m.

“It’s really about the whole school community, whether it be the senior class or kids who are just trying to get through the year to come back next year, to teachers, to community members that have the opportunity to drive by and see the lights on,” said Monfiletto. “It’s an opportunity to shine a light on a pretty dark time.”

Monfiletto said he also reached out to other 5A schools in Northern Nevada in an effort to grow the nationwide trend in this part of the state.

Douglas High plans to keep shining its lights Monday and through Friday, allowing the seniors a chance to admire on their final moments of high school and to bring light to the rest of the school and the community.

The trend started in Texas, but has since made its way through Nevada, Colorado, Tennessee and Minnesota.

“We are hopeful it will be inspirational/uplifting for our students and community,” said Girdner.

“I think it’s really great (Girdner) reached out with this and asked for assistance from me and other teachers to turn those lights on and turn them out every night. I appreciate his thoughtfulness,” said Monfiletto.