Regulations have a purpose |

Regulations have a purpose

Hello fellow anglers. There are only two things that make me extremely angry, and I experienced both of them last week.

While fishing, I met an angler with a limit of nice rainbow trout. Later on that same morning, I saw him fishing again in the same spot catching more fish. He had taken his first catch home and returned the same day to catch more fish. As defined in the state fishing regulations, you may catch and keep five trout per day. That does not mean you can catch five, give three away and keep fishing or take your five fish home and come back the same day and continue to fish.

What is it about the word “limit” that is so hard to figure out? This to me is simple greed, and these people are stealing from us. I have kept my camera at home for a while, but it is back with me. I urge all anglers to do the same.

There are two phone numbers I would like to share with you. In California you can call CAL-TIP at 800-952-5400, in Nevada you can call Operation Game Thief at 800-992-3030 to report any wildlife violation.

The other item that has bothered me is trash. Last week I picked up cans, plastic bottles, powerbait jars and lids, bottle caps, beef jerky packages, I even found where someone enjoyed a 12-pack of Miller beer, but was too lazy to pack out the empties, so they left them all around their illegal fire pit.

Let’s keep our lakes and rivers clean. If you can pack it in you can surely pack it out. That 12-pack of beer that weighed 10 pounds when you bought it, now only weighs 12 ounces when finished. A couple extra Walmart bags in your tackle box will help you with that.

Now for a more positive note, here is your local fishing report:

CAPLES LAKE: The lake level is at 98 percent full still. The fishing has picked up very well due to the 3,500 pounds of trophy trout planted by the Kirkwood PUD/EID, while the California Fish and Wildlife planted pan-sized rainbow trout last week. Jeff Bovero from El Granada, Calif., caught a 4-pound rainbow off the dam using orange power eggs while Sean Mathews from Folsom, Calif., caught a 3-pound rainbow using crawlers. The Woods Creek and Emigrant Creek inlets have produced many fish for anglers using a bobber and night crawler. Call Caples Lake Resort at 209-258-8888 for more information. The resort is open for boat launching and rentals. The general store is open seven days a week.

SILVER LAKE: Lake level is up and the fishing has been good. The California Fish and Wildlife was scheduled to plant this week. The boat launch is open and they have boat rentals at the Kit Carson Lodge. You can call them at 209-258-8500 for information.

RED LAKE: Fishing has been slow for most anglers. The algae has started to bloom over the lake.

BLUE LAKES: The water level has started to drop. Fishing has been rated as slow, but a few anglers have caught some pan-sized rainbows using salmon eggs on the upper lake.

INDIAN CREEK RESERVOIR: The weeds have almost taken over the west side of the lake. If you do decide to fish that side, I recommend a 3-foot leader when using powerbait. As for the east side by the unimproved launch area, the weeds are there but not as bad. There have been many fish in the 3- to 5-pound range coming out in the last few weeks. I met an angler one morning with a 6-pound rainbow he caught on powerbait. The boat launch and campground area is open.

WEST CARSON RIVER CALIFORNIA SIDE: Fishing has been good for anglers using salmon eggs. The California Fish and Wildlife was scheduled to plant this week. The Alpine County Fish and Game planted last week. There are still plenty of fish throughout the river. Call CreekSide Lodge at 530-694-2511 for more information.

EAST FORK CARSON RIVER CALIFORNIA SIDE: Since the rains have subsided the river has cleared up and has been fishing well. Kevin Hall from Wellington caught a nice 8.12-pound trout on a worm. Last week, Peggy Bristol caught a 2-pound rainbow using salmon eggs. Many good reports have come to me by anglers using salmon eggs in the faster moving waters. Call Carson River Resort at 530-694-2229 for information. If you catch a nice fish, stop in and let Angel or Robert take your picture.

Good luck on your next fishing adventure. If you get a photo of your catch, send it to or if you have  a question in our local fishing world call the Naw Line at 267-9722. Good fishin’ and tight lines.