NIAA Board of Control meets today |

NIAA Board of Control meets today

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The Nevada Interscholastic Activities Association Board of Control summer meeting is being held today at 8:30 a.m. at the Peppermill Resort Spa & Casino in Reno.

The big topic concerning today’s meeting will revolve around the realignment of “three to four” schools from the Southern Division I to the Southern DI-A.

Dave Wilson, the Southern Nevada Rubric Committee Chairman, will update the board on which schools will transition to the I-A.

In May, the NIAA released its rubric point totals, which calculates a school’s performance in 20 sports over a two-year period. Del Sol, Sierra Vista and Spring Valley all were below the total to remain in the DI. Del Sol did not record a point over the past two years, while Sierra Vista had seven and Spring Valley 11. The rubric assigns point totals for league championships, playoff wins and appearances and regional and state championships to name a few.

According to the NIAA, a DI school with fewer than 15 points is eligible to move to the DI-A. A DI-A school, meanwhile, must reach 150 points to be eligible to move to the DI. Faith Lutheran and Boulder City were the only Southern DI-A schools to reach the 150-point benchmark over the two-year period but exercised their options to remain in the DI-A.

Faith Lutheran, Boulder City, Moapa Valley and Virgin Valley, however, all have the option to remain in the DI-A, since those schools have traditionally competed in that level and have student enrollments consistent with their Northern counterparts.

That option was voted and accepted by the NIAA Board of Control two years ago when the board voted for a massive realignment in the South.

The addition of the three new schools to the DI-A increases the league to 16 in most sports (SECTA does not compete in numerous sports). Including the North, the DI-A will consist of 25 schools in football (Wooster is in the IA for football), and 26 in other sports.

Other items to be discussed by board members will be introduction of a proposed change for the alignment of Northern boys and girls soccer leagues to create a relegation type format for Divisions I and I-A. If the discussion item is accepted, it would allow for the top two teams in the Northern I-A to move up to DI the following cycle. Conversly, the bottom two teams in the DI would move down to the I-A.

The agenda includes an action item regarding a minimum participation rule student athletes must meet to be eligible for the postseason in swimming and diving, track and field, cross country, golf, tennis, wrestling and bowling. The item calls for the athletes to compete in at least 50 percent of the regular season to qualify for the postseason.

A motion to end the state’s spring sports season before Memorial Day weekend next year will be addressed. It is only for 2015.

A proposed state wrestling tournament format change are also listed on the agenda, and the board will also hear an update on a proposed 4 percent increase in game fees.

The membership status of three schools will be considered for Hug in Reno as well as Rancho and Coral Academy in Las Vegas. Hug, a Northern Division I member, is applying for independent status in specific sports.

Ranch is applying for independent status in football, while Coral Academy is seeking full membership.

The Board of Control’s next scheduled meeting is Oct. 1-2 in Reno.

Douglas County’s representative on the NIAA Board of Control is Fallon resident Greg Koenig, a member of the Churchill County School District Board of Trustees.