Douglas girls ace Miners |

Douglas girls ace Miners

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Douglas 15, Bishop Manogue 3

First round: Madelyn Landerfelt (D) d. Kennedy Zaccheo 6-2, Courtney McKimmey (D) d. Brittany Leonard 6-2, Maddy Bydalek (M) d. Maggie Rich 6-0, Kelly Sonnemann-Katelin Teigen (D) d. Marguex Leppla-Elysse Zernick 6-1, Bryana McNamera-Ingrid Carlson (D) d. Jonna Billeson-Madison Pane 7-5, Kellie Hergenrader-Tara Cottrill (D) d. Halle Turek-Emma Winidenan 6-4.

Second round: McKimmey (D) d. Zaccheo 6-4, Leonard (M) d. Rich 6-0, Landerfelt (D) d. Bydalek 6-0, McNamera-Carlson (D) d. Lepla-Zernick 7-6, Hergenrader-Cottrill (D) d. Billeson-Pane 6-1, Sonnemann-Teigen (D) d. Dawn Dabler-Sophia Shahean 6-2.

Third round: Clara Bachmann (M) d. Anne Pomeroy 6-3, Landerfelt (D) d. Leonard 6-3, McKimmey (D) d. Ana O’Donague 6-1, Hergenrader-Cottrill (D) d. Emily Berle-Clare Hall 6-0, Sonnemann-Teigen (D) d. Sierra Dandoor-Anna Cole 6-0, Jenna Hammond-Kayleigh Carlson (D) d. Emily Sandoval-Victoria Palaries 6-1.

The Douglas High girls tennis team remained unbeaten Tuesday afternoon with a 15-3 win at Bishop Manogue in a battle that was closer than the final score showed.

“Overall, they showed tremendous focus,” Douglas coach Susan Cowan said. “There were numerous sets where we were down and we came back to win every one. So even though it sounds like a blowout, a lot of those matches could have gone either way.”

Freshman Madelyn Landerfelt and senior Courtney McKimmey, the Tigers’ No. 1 and 2 singles players, won each of their three matches. McKimmey was 23-1 and regional tournament quarterfinalist last year.

The No. 2 doubles team of Bryana McNamera-Ingrid Carlson came from behind to win its first two matches — rallying from a 4-3 deficit to win 7-5 followed by a tie-breaker win, 7-6 (7-1).

The Tigers’ No. 1 doubles team of Kelly Sonnemann-Katelin Teigen dropped only three games while winning all three of their matches. The No. 3 team of Kellie Hergenrader-Tara Cottrill also had three victories.