Douglas boys run well in season opener |

Douglas boys run well in season opener

Douglas High senior Kaleb Morris crosses the finish line at Lampe Park Friday afternoon.
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Seniors: 1, Gregory Gephart (McQueen) 13:26, 2, Logan Spodobalski (Manogue) 13:46, 3, Ian Van Rensselaer (Carson) 13:49, 4, Trevor Martin (Silver Stage) 13:54, 5, Andrew Dobrowski (Galena) 13:57, 6, Brady Dupea (Spring Creek) 14:04, 7, Michael Gallagher (Elko) 14:06, 8, Kaleb Morris (Douglas) 14:08, 9, Timothy Rose (Elko) 14:10, 10, Jakeb Rehmann (North Valleys) 14:17.

Juniors: 1, Henry Weisberg (McQueen) 12:48, 2, Anthony Ocegueda (Reed) 12:57, 3, John Munyan (Douglas) 13:36, 4, Ammon Jorgensen (Reed) 13:43, 5, Cole Campbell (Spring Creek) 13:49, 6, Zachary Stallings (McQueen) 14:00, 7, Luke Rodriguez (Wooster) 14:06, 8, Alex Riggsby (Damonte Ranch) 14:07, 9, Danner Hillman (Douglas) 14:16, 10, Adam Walmsley (Reed) 14:19.

Sophomores: 1, Aric Turner (Damonte Ranch) 13:57, 2, McKennion Melton (Galena) 14:01, 3, Andrew Ribeiro (Spanish Springs) 14:22, 4, Matthew Hakin (Spanish Springs) 14:23, 5, Nicholas McMillen (Reno) 14:25, 6, Hunter Beadell (Spanish Springs) 14:29, 7, Carson Leavitt (Galena) 14:36, 8, Alek Simone (Galena) 14:41, 9, Ethan Bluhm (Reno) 14:50, 10, Taven Thomas (McQueen) 14:50.

Freshmen: 1, Jared Marcheggar (Sierra Lutheran) 14:07.3, 2, Daniel Horner (Spanish Springs) 14:07.7, 3, Alex Klekas (Elko) 15:07, 4, Kobe Lynch (Galena) 15:17, 5, Noah Mahlke (Spring Creek) 15:21, 6, Patrick Voss (Douglas) 15:23, 7, Kobey Workman (Dayton) 15:29, 8, George Skivington (Spring Creek) 15:37, 9, Adam White (North Valleys) 15:46, 10, Travis Brownlee (Damonte Ranch) 15:54.


Seniors: 1, Julia Mahlke (Spring Creek) 15:38, 2, Caitlin Amburgey (Damonte Ranch) 15:54, 3, Cassandra Jones (McQueen) 16:23, 4, Lauren Massic (Spanish Springs) 16:29, 5, Madison Cote (Douglas) 16:39, 6, Lizzy Byrne (Douglas) 16:59, 7, Ariel Evans (Damonte Ranch) 16:59, 8, Katie Howard (Elko) 17:21, 9, Eveline Delgado (Carson) 17:32, 10, Julia Fralick (Reno) 17:52.

Juniors: 1, Kyra Hunsberger (Reno) 15:19, 2, Samantha King-Shaw (Reed) 16:06, 3, Erin Moyer (Damonte Ranch) 16:16, 4, Urs Volz (Incline) 16:40, 5, Sofia Young (Reno) 16:48, 6, Mia Casazza (Galena) 16:50, 7, Helena Middleton (Damonte Ranch) 16:54, 8, Kacie Bell (Elko) 16:57, 9, Aimee Doren (Spring Creek) 17:02, 10, Lauryn Walz (Spring Creek) 17:09.

Sophomores: 1, Hannah Covington (Manogue) 15:58, 2, Mikayla Shultz (Reno) 16:09, 3, Sina Arnold (McQueen) 16:14, 4, Alexis Melendrez (Spanish Springs) 16:42, 5, Tayler Kottinger (Reno) 16:48, 6, Ally Sullivan (South Tahoe) 16:58, 7, Makenna Bernard (Reno) 17:09, 8, Eliana Ornelas (Wooster) 17:11, 9, Valerie Lopez (Damonte Ranch) 17:27, 10, Kate Rye (Incline) 17:29.

Freshmen: 1, Maya Smith (Douglas) 17:26, 2, Sydney Layfield (Reno) 17:28, 3, Imogen Olvera (McQueen) 17:32, 4, Mikkala Perchetti (Spring Creek) 17:37, 5, Rylie Lusk (Spring Creek) 17:41, 6, Cameron Lewis (Damonte Ranch) 18:07, 7, Laura Pine (Reed) 18:07, 8, Leah Ramsey-Kruse (Douglas) 19:17, 9, Piper Cook (Fernley) 19:01, 10, Julia Chappell (Douglas) 19:17.

For those who follow cross country around Northern Nevada, here are a couple of information items that can be gathered from the cross country season-opening Douglas Class Races on Friday at Lampe Park.

One, very little separates the top four or five Northern Division I boys teams. And two, the Douglas Tigers appear primed to run with any of those teams.

In all, 591 runners representing 26 schools competed in a meet that features a unique format in which all runners compete individually within their own classes. Runners all ran on the same 4,000-meter (2.55 miles) course over the flat terrain at Lampe Park.

A lot will change between now and November, however, this was a good gauge since each of the 12 Northern Division I programs were represented.

John Munyan led a pack of five Tigers that turned in strong performances in the junior and senior races. All five ran 14:35 or better and 59 seconds separated all five (27 seconds between No. 2 and No. 5).

McQueen is the defending region champion and has another strong cast, but the Lancers can expect challenges from Douglas, Spanish Springs, Reed and Galena this fall.

Munyan ran 13:36, good for third-place in the junior race and the fourth fastest overall time on the day. His time was also a 38-second personal best on the course.

Danner Hillman was close behind in ninth-place (14:16) and Lars Ponsness 11th (14:25). Hillman improved his best time for the course by 38 seconds.

In the senior race, Kaleb Morris ran 14:08 to take eighth-place in the senior race and the 20th fastest time overall. Eric Jacobs also finished 19th (14:35).

The junior race featured a back-and-forth duel between McQueen’s Henry Weisberg and Reed’s Anthony Ocegueda, who figure to be two of the fastest runners in the North this season. Weisberg ran 12:48 to win the duel — believed to be the first runner to break 13 minutes on the Lampe Park course — followed by Ocegueda in 12:57.

Also in the junior boys race, the Tigers’ Bryan Harris placed 18th in 15:02, an improvement of 93 seconds from last year.

Patrick Voss led Douglas with his sixth-place effort of 15:23, while Brandon Koyama finished 14th (16:12) and Luke Gansberg 15th (16:14).

First-place in the freshman race came right down to the wire when Sierra Lutheran’s Jared Marcheggar edged Daniel Horner of Spanish Springs. Marcheggar was clocked in 14:07.3 and Horner 14:07.7.

Andrew Voss was the top finisher for Douglas in the sophomore race, as he took 20th (15:28). Leslee Alaniz finished 19th among the girls (18:12).

As for the girls, Reno and Damonte Ranch have emerged as teams to watch in Northern Division I, while Douglas reigns as the two-time defending region champion.

In the senior race, Madison Cote (16:39) and Lizzie Byrne (16:59) placed fifth and sixth respectively. Sabrina Lehrke also ran 20:10 for the Tigers. Allison Meyer clocked a 21:44 in her first cross country race since 2012 when she ran at the region meet as a freshman.

Douglas received a first-place performance in the freshman girls competition from Maya Smith, who ran 17:26.0. Leah Ramsey-Kruse placed eighth (18:49), Julie Chappell 10th (19:17) and Maegan Collins 15th (19:30) for the Tigers.

The Tigers’ Cristina Munoz finished 24th among the junior girls (18:52). Reno’s Kyra Hunsberger, the defending Northern Division I Region champion, took first-place among the juniors and her time of 15:19 was fastest overall for the girls.