Doubles team leads Tigers in loss at South Tahoe |

Doubles team leads Tigers in loss at South Tahoe

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South Tahoe 13, Douglas 5

First round: Chad Kaassamani (ST) d. Jon Pelcher 6-1, Kyle Swain (ST) d. Connor Lyons 6-0, Adam Jarrett (ST) d. Sammy Johnson 6-2, Keaton Peters-Joey Swisher (D) d. L. Marin-Colton McHugh 6-0, Trevor Garon-Ryan Piazzo (ST) d. David Sando-Landon Whitely 6-3, M. Petragallo-G. Tenocdot (ST) d. Kyle Barnes-Sam Nanse 6-3.

Second round: Swain (ST) d. Pelcher 6-4, Jarrett (ST) d. Lyons 6-4, Kaassamani (ST) d. Johnson 6-1, Peters-Swisher (D) d. Garon-Piazzo 6-1, Petragallo-Tenocdot (ST) d. Sando-Whitely 6-2, Marin-McHugh (ST) d. Barnes-Nanse 6-3.

Third round: Jarrett (ST) d. Pelcher 6-0, Kaassamani (ST) d. Lyons 6-0, Johnson (D) d. Collbaugh 6-2, Peters-Swisher (D) d. Petragallo-Tenocdot 6-3, Connor Filbin-Jason Lowther (D) d. Damsar-Jarrett 6-4.

Keaton Peters and Joey Swisher bested their three doubles opponents on Thursday for the Douglas High boys tennis team in its 13-5 loss at home against South Tahoe.

South Tahoe, a veteran squad that finished its 2012 season as a Division I-A state tournament semifinalist, took a 5-1 lead after the first round en route to its win against Douglas (0-7).

This marked another step in a rebuilding process for the Tigers, however, coach Rod Smith remains upbeat as he looks to the future.

“We have players throughout the lineup, with little or no experience that are still improving with each match,” Smith noted.

A definite highlight was the performance of Peters and Swisher, seniors who were 6-0 in two weeks for the week and dropped only seven games in those six sets.

“They have found their mojo in the past two matches,” Smith said. “They are now looking forward to regionals even though they are certain to play higher seeds from the start.”

The coach also had words of praise for Connor Filbin and Jason Lowther in their 6-4 third-round doubles victory.

“I expect to see Connor and Jason in starting roles next year.” Smith said. “Their hard work is starting to pay off.”

Freshman Sammy Johnson picked up a win in the third-round to complete the scoring for Douglas.