ASPIRE program introduces students to golf |

ASPIRE program introduces students to golf

Students in the ASPIRE Academy golf program are seen at Genoa Lakes Golf Course.
Special to The R-C |

Students attending ASPIRE Academy High School had an incredible opportunity to join ASPIRE’s golf program this year.

A few have played golf many times but most experienced this great game for the very first time. Our goal was to introduce a sport that is a positive experience for our students and something they can take with them for the rest of their lives. The pillars of ASPIRE — respect, integrity, responsibility, trustworthy, and caring — closely align with the pillars of golf. The students were shocked to learn that in golf, a player is expected to call a penalty on himself/herself.

The program was very successful this year due mostly to the generosity of Fred and Marla Gartrell of Genoa Lakes Golf Course.

Thank you Fred and Marla for your generosity that went way above and beyond anything we expected. The Carson Valley is very fortunate to have people in the community like both of you who are so willing to give back to the community.

The future of the game of golf is the youth of today and because of your generosity a number of our students have been exposed to golf and they are hooked. I wish you could have seen their faces when they hit their first great drive or a nice iron shot was made and what about that amazing 50 foot putt?

Thank you again Fred and Marla, you helped changed lives.

Ron Mogab

ASPIRE Academy High School teacher