Pamela Barrett: On the Run |

Pamela Barrett: On the Run

by Dave Price

To Pamela Barrett, time just seems to fly by whenever she goes

out to run.

A case in point would be the day some two years ago when she went

out for what turned out to be an extraordinary run near her home

in Truckee. It was a training run to prepare for the 18.6-mile

Where the Hell’s Truckee cross country race, and Barrett literally

lost track of the time.

“I thought I knew all the roads, but when I got out there, I found

they had cut some new roads,” she recalled. “I just kept going

and kind of lost track of the time. On my way back, I couldn’t

figure out why I had to walk the last two miles, then right before

I got back to my car, I passed another woman and asked her what

time it was.”

Barrett found she had been out more than four hours.

“I was flabbergasted,” she laughed as she recounted the story.

“I couldn’t believe I had been out so long.”

Times does fly when you’re having fun.

Barrett, 48, who now lives in Gardnerville, is focused these days

on her first marathon attempt on Dec. 13 – the Honolulu Marathon

– which she is preparing to run as part of the 49-person Northern

Nevada Joints in Motion Training Team. The group is training to

complete the 26.2-mile marathon distance and to raise funds for

the Arthritis Foundation.

After answering a newspaper ad, Barrett embarked on her marathon

trail in April. This is new turf, so to speak, because she had

always run on a recreational basis.

“Donna (Jones, Northern Nevada Joints in Motion coordinator) asked

how many miles I had been running and I said, ‘Gosh, I don’t know.’

I had never kept track before,” said Barrett, who says she is

now running about 40 miles a week in addition to working out in

a gym three days a week.

“I’ve been running for almost 25 years. That part isn’t hard,

although I know running a marathon for the first time won’t be

easy. The hard part is raising the money,” said Barrett, who has

pledged to raise $2,500 for the Arthritis Foundation.

This group consists of recreational runners, joggers and others

who plan to walk the marathon course in Honolulu.

“There are people doing this who haven’t been runners and now

they’re working their way up to do a 10-K,” Barrett said.

The marathon goal is a fulfilling one.

“I feel good about it. It’s good to work on a cause other than

yourself,” Barrett said. “I feel good about the goal of working

to run a marathon, that I’m helping myself and helping others

at the same time.”

The Northern Nevada group, in its second year of existence, is

engaged in a training program that leads up to Honolulu. One of

the stops along the way was the Reno Air 15-K Showdown June 7

in Verdi. Next up will be the 11th annual Carson Valley 5- and

10-K road race this Saturday in Minden.

The group is being directed by Miguel Tibaduiza, one of Northern

Nevada’s front-runners for the better part of three decades and

a past qualifier for the U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials.

“Miguel will be going to Honolulu with us, but he’s running another

marathon the week before,” Barrett said.

“He’s already given us a rough draft (of a training schedule)

and we’re supposed to begin official training in July. That’s

when Miguel will begin working with us.”