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NDOW restructures its licensing

Gordon Quong of Carson City was a recent winner in the Topaz Lodge Fishing Derby with his 4-pound, 10-ounce trout that measured 23 inches.
Courtesy Topaz Lodge

Hello, fellow anglers. I have some great news for Nevada anglers.

This year the Nevada Department of Wildlife has restructured its licensing so there is no need to get a second rod stamp or purchase a trout stamp when purchasing your 2018 fishing license.

The new fishing license for resident anglers will be $40 and is valid for one year beginning the date of purchase. No longer will it be March 1 to the end of February. A trout stamp and a second rod stamp will be included in your purchase. The single-day permits are $9 for the first day and an additional $3 for each consecutive day added to the one day permit.

NDOW has also made a change regarding junior fishing licenses, which are now a combination license. The youth combination license is for persons at least 12 years of age, but less than 18 years of age at time of purchase, and must have a parental or legal guardian signature at the time of purchase. The cost is $15 and is valid for one year beginning from the date of purchase. All youths are required to have this license to fish and or hunt.

You can pick up a new copy of the 2018 fishing regulations at most sporting good stores. Look on Page 4 for all of the new licenses permit and fees.

Now, for a look at our local report:

LAKE TAHOE: Fishing has been a little slow due to weather. With our sunny days, I would get on the lake at first light and fish the Tahoe shelf area located just off Tahoe City. The Carnelian Bay to Cal-Neva area should also be productive, starting at 120 feet and progressing into deeper waters as the sun rises. Flashers or a dodger with a live minnow would be your best presentation. J-Plugs or Rapalas can also be productive in these areas if you get your presentation right on the bottom. Don’t forget to bring the juice, like Pro Cure to put on your swim baits.

CAPLES LAKE: No reports from the area. Ice conditions are not confirmed.

RED LAKE: No reports from the area. Ice conditions are not confirmed.

SILVER LAKE: The last report from the area was the lake had thin ice and had many open areas of water. Fishing has been very slow.

INDIAN CREEK RESERVOIR: The lake level is still up and the water is clear. A few anglers have been using inflated night crawlers or green Powerbait and doing very well for nice sized rainbows. This report was from last week before the storms we had. The paved road is open as well as the dirt road off Diamond Valley Road. Take it slow on the dirt road as it has gotten a little rough over the winter.

TOPAZ LAKE: The lake level is way up and has a little stain on it from our recent storms. I fished last week with Rapalas and caught six rainbows in a four-hour period. All fish were in the 14- to 17-inch class. The shore action has been a little slow, which may be due to the weather of last week. I have seen some anglers ignoring the “No vehicle” signs on the north end of the lake. I don’t think they will be too happy if they receive a citation for vehicle trespass. The north end is open to fishing, but you are no longer allowed to park on the lake’s edge in that area.

TOPAZ FISHING DERBY RESULTS: Week 10, first-place was landed by Ron Domoe with a 5.6-pound, 25-inch rainbow; second-place Terry Ryan from Wellington with a 4-pound-10.9-ounce, 22-inch rainbow. Week 11, the winner was David Kerkhoff from Topaz with a 5-pound, 12.2-ounce rainbow; second-place was Elliot Ervin from Carson City with a 2-pound, 5.3-ounce rainbow. So far this year, 248 trout have weighed in at 2 pounds or larger. Also a reminder that all tagged fish brought in must have a Topaz Lodge tag to be eligible for the $100 cash prize. The derby will continue through Call Topaz Lodge at 266-3888 for more information.

We have less then a month until most of the lakes and streams in California will open for the 2018 fishing season. Check your regulations, there are some waters that do not open until later in the season. You are responsible to know the waters you are fishing on.

Hope to see you on the waters. If you have a picture of your catch, send it to dprice@recordcourier.com and if you have question or a report for our local fishing area, call the Nawline at 267-9722. Good fishin’ and tight lines.