My wishes for holiday season |

My wishes for holiday season

by Darrell Moody, Sports Editor

I’m well rested from a vacation in Las Vegas last week, and looking forward to tomorrow when my wife and I can celebrate our first Christmas in our new home.

Here’s my Christmas wishes to my friends in the Carson Valley, and others throughout the sporting world:

I wish Luke Rippee were three inches taller and 20 pounds heavier. If that were true, he could play anywhere in the country, and people would be knocking his door down. He will succeed wherever he goes, because of his understanding of the game and his big heart.

I wish the idiots who run college football would wake up and realize that a playoff system is the only way there can be a true champion. Take the top 16 teams and have a four-week tournament. USC should have been in the Sugar Bowl, and anybody that doesn’t agree isn’t a knowledgable football fan.

I wish that University of Nevada students would support their teams better. The last two home football games were a joke in terms of student attendance, and last year’s basketball attendance was pretty grim. The students were out in full force for the Kansas game, but it shouldn’t take a nationally ranked team to come to Reno for the students to come out for the games.

I wish that the Raiders weren’t so dumb. They are always one of the most-penalized teams in the NFL, and many of the penalties are stupid mistakes. Bill Callahan was right on with his remarks, and the players need to be held accountable.

I wish that the NIAA would go back to the old state tournament format. I get tired of hearing Las Vegas cry about not having enough money to send its teams to Reno every year for the basketball tournament. It’s not fair that on alternate years, the North only gets one team in the tournament. If that’s not possible, then go to the California format where the state finals are one team from the south against one team from the north.

I wish that Terrell Owens would stop being such a whiner. He’s going to complain whether the 49ers throw every down or not. Jerry Rice would get steamed every once in a while, but he was a lot more professional about things.

I wish the Douglas High’s winter sports teams the best of luck, and I hope that they all make the playoffs this year.

I wish, although I’m not sure it’s feasible, that the Reno-Tahoe area gets awarded the Winter Olympics one of these days.

I wish they would eliminate the sideline reporters at all football games. Their sideline interviews are a joke, and the injury information is always announced in the press box.