Merry fishmas: Get ready Topaz opens Jan. 1 |

Merry fishmas: Get ready Topaz opens Jan. 1

Doug Busey

Hello Fellow anglers, and a very merry fishmas to you all. Although we have a lull in the fishing due to mother nature. Some anglers have been getting out to try the waters.

As many of us look forward to opening day of Topaz lake on Jan. 1, I must tell you of a big change this year. The Topaz Lodge will not be holding their annual fishing derby this year. I feel it may have been because of the confusion in the proposed new CDFW change in fishing regulations. The proposal is to keep all rivers and streams open all year, which would include the waters in Alpine, Inyo and Mono counties. This would include waters on the state line between California and Nevada. As of this date there has been no changes for the 2020 fishing season. The lakes and rivers in California will remain closed until the last Saturday in April. There are a few exceptions for selected rivers, which you can inquire in the CDFW fishing regulation handbook. But as of Jan. 1 2020, Topaz Lake will open to fishing for all anglers. You can use a California or Nevada valid fishing license. The NDOW has been hard at work making sure that opening day will be a joy for all anglers. Since the closing of the lake on Oct. 1, they have planted an estimated 24,000 rainbow trout. Which is about 10,400 pounds. Fishing should be great, as will the comradary with my fellow anglers; I am looking forward to. I will be looking for photos this year to be in the Naw Hall of Fame, so keep your camera and phones ready for that special moment. If I hear of any changes, you will be the first to know.

LAKE TAHOE: Fishing has been very good for anglers who have been able to dodge the weather. The west side of the lake from Camp Richardson to just past Emerald Bay has been rated good for anglers trolling the rocky areas with Rapalas in 30- to 60-feet of water. Best areas for mackinaw are the Tahoe shelf area or Carnelian Bay. Anglers have been trolling dodgers and a live or rubber minnow. Make sure to use Pro Cure Trophy trout scent on those imitations. Need an idea for Christmas? How about a gift certificate from Blue Ribbon Fishing Charters. They can be reached at 530-544-6552.

CAPLES LAKE: The Resort is closed for the season as well as the EID day use area. The lake has started to freeze. I would recommend to stay off of the lake until we have a solid 8 or more inches of ice on it.

RED LAKE: The lake has started to freeze. The lake has turned over and I recommended to stay off the lake until a solid 8 inches of ice is on it.


CARSON RIVER IN NEVADA: Open to fishing all year.

BLUE LAKES, BURNSIDE AND WOODS LAKE: All roads have been closed for the season.

INDIAN CREEK RESERVOIR: The lake has cleared a little, and the lake level is still high. Ron Gonzales caught a 6.5-pound rainbow a couple weeks ago. Renee and I fished a few day after Ron did and didn’t catch a single fish. Being in the right spot on the right day makes all the difference. Use cation on the paved road in from Highway 89. There are some areas that still has ice on it. The dirt road from Diamond Valley can get a little muddy this time of year. Stay to the hill side of the road to avoid the ruts and drop offs. I still recommend to clean and wash your catch in fresh water when you get home.

TOPAZ LAKE: Opens to fishing on January 1,2020.

Remember this time of year to watch your footing round all bodies of water. The temperatures are usually in the low 40 degree range. Its not the cold that will get you, it when the hypothermia sets in and starts to restrict your muscles that will! I hope to see you on opening day at Topaz Lake. If you get a picture of your catch send it to Include your name, size, where the anglers are from, and what you caught your fish on. Good fishin’ and tight lines.