Mason Valley Wildlife Refuge now open |

Mason Valley Wildlife Refuge now open

by Doug Busey

Hello fellow anglers. We now have another place to go fishing in our area. The Mason Valley Wildlife Refuse is now open for fishing for the season. The Wildlife area is located just north of Yerington. Take Highway 95A to Miller Lane and go east until you cross over the Walker River, then turn left on Lux lane. This will take you to the Mason Valley Fish Hatchery. From there you can fish Hinkson Slough, North Pond, Crappie Pond, Fort Churchill Cooling Ponds and Bass Pond. The hatchery just planted Hinkson Slough and the cooling ponds with Eagle Valley Trout. There are some specific regulations on the wildlife area, which you can look up on the NDOW website or by reading your regulation book. These waters offer trout, bass and cat fishing. Now for those who would like to do a little river fishing, the Walker River in Nevada is open to fishing as well. Make sure you know the rules and regulations of the area. There are many ponds and wildlife areas that are not open to fishing or foot traffic to protect the natural habitat of migrating birds. I personally like to view the hatchery runways, where the fish that are planted throughout Nevada come from. For those other waters in our area, here is your local fishing report.

CAPLES LAKE: Last weekend, I was joined by Rae Salazar,Tom Blotter, Renee Heinichen Busey to do some ice fishing. The day was clear and mild, the lake had 2 feet of ice with very little snow on top of it. We started about 9:30 a.m. and fished until 1 p.m. Using night crawlers, Powerbait and various jigs, we fished hard, but unfortunately the fishing was extremely slow. In fact, there were about 20 other anglers out enjoying the day. And we did not see anyone catching any fish during our trip. But I have to tell you, it was a fishing trip everyone should try at least once. My friend Rae Salazar from Minden said this was her first trip ice fishing ever. But asked me to invite her back on our next trip. It is something you have to experience to understand. The views and the camaraderie was fantastic. We will be planning a trip real soon. And as any many fellow anglers would say, the reason the fishing was not more productive was probably because of the full moon.

RED LAKE: A few anglers ventured out last week. Th lake had over 2 feet of ice with a little snow on top. The fishing was great but the catching was not. The parking area behind the lake is plowed and has easy access to the lake.

INDIAN CREEK RESERVOIR: The lake level is still up and has plenty of shore access. A few anglers have been getting a few nice rainbows. They have been using inflated night crawlers or Powerbait. The paved road off highway 89 and the dirt road off Diamond Valley Road are open. The campground will not be open until the first weekend in May.

TOPAZ LAKE: Shore fishing has been fair for anglers on the south end of the lake. Most have been using Gulp or Powerbait and catching nice rainbows. The water level has come up a foot or so since the beginning of February. Trollers have been doing well with flashers on the north and the west side of the lake. Early morning boaters have also done well top lining Rapalas. For more information, stop by the Topaz Lake General store. They will also take a picture of your catch and put it up on the wall of fame. If you need more information call the Topaz Lodge at 775-266-3338.

Good luck on your next fishing trip, I hope to see you on the waters soon. If you have a picture of your catch. Send it to Good fishin’ and tight lines.