Marathon golfing for a cure |

Marathon golfing for a cure

by Caryn Haller

Shannon Litz

Gardnerville residents Rocky Radka and Jenny Wagner played 128 holes of golf raising $4,193 for the American Cancer Society.

As part of the American Cancer Society’s “Longest Day of Golf,” the duo teed off at 6:15 a.m. June 27 at Carson Valley Golf Course and didn’t stop until 8 p.m.

“We probably could have played more but in case we did it in the future, I wanted to have a breakable number,” 32-year-old Radka said. “Everyone was really great. We got donations from some of the groups playing and some of the groundskeepers, which was really nice”

Radka chose the golf fundraiser in memory of his late father, Chuck, who took to the green for 16 hours in 1988.

Chuck, Bill Reiner, Mike Cannon and Steve Chappell golfed 126 holes, raising $2,000 for cancer research.

“I thought how cool he’s going to golf all day, and now that I’ve done it, it wasn’t that much fun,” Radka said. “We got so much support, it was something we had to do. We promised everyone we would do at least 100 holes. I wanted to beat my dad’s record.”

Radka said the challenge was more mental than physical.

“I had some good holes, and I had some bad holes. I was at hole 90, and I thought it was going to be tough to keep going, You kind of lose focus at about five rounds,” he added. “I enjoyed knowing I was doing something for a good cause.”

Radka and Wagner are coworkers at The Corner Bar in Minden.

They play golf together at least once a week.

“I’m always up for a challenge. It wasn’t as hard as I expected it to be physically,” Wagner, 38, said coming off a knee injury. “I felt really accomplished and proud being able to do something like that for such a good cause.”

At the end of the day, Radka shot a 711, and Wagner finished with 667 strokes.

“I played really well,” Wagner said. “I was shocked I could strike the ball so well after six hours, let alone 14.”

The Corner Bar continues to raise money by selling raffle tickets to an Aces baseball game.

Radka and Wagner wish to thank their caddies, Mick Kavner and Monika Benson, their bosses for giving them the time off, Dahleen Kendler from Relay for Life, the Carson Valley Golf Course for donating use of the course and everyone who donated to the cause.