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Locals compete in Vegas at national competition

Staff Reports

Several students from West Coast Martial Arts/ Machado Jiu Jitsu Gardnerville made the trip to Las Vegas to complete in the largest novice tournament in the country. The IBJJf Novice International tournament and the IBJJF Master Worlds Championships both took place Aug. 21-25 and drew thousands of competitors from all over the world.

Alex Kallas competed in the adult middle weight division. There were 15 competitors in the bracket and Kallas had three tough matches. He outscored his opponent in the first match and then decisively won his second tough match by submission. Kallas ended up finishing third.

Josh Perry ended up with the silver medal, taking second place.

Ingrid Mann had a tough opponent in the Masters division. She was the aggressor in the match but through a technical mistake and little known rule set she gave up four points and lost the match 4-0.

Bobby Hoyopatubbi had a great first time showing shutting down the takedown attempts of a more experienced and seasoned wrestler who eventually won.

Anthony Seeco entered the Blue belt middle weight division which was definitely one of the tougher divisions with almost 60 competitors.

West Coast/ Machado Jiu Jitsu Owner and Master Black Belt George Fujii said one of the crowning moments of the event was when disabled veteran Jeremy Allerman stepped on to the mat against a formidable opponent. The match was exciting and Allerman made a great performance but lost to a great opponent.

“Just the fact that Allerman trained so hard for the last two years and overcame adversity of a major brain injury makes me so proud to coach him,” Fujii said.

Allerman was involved in a explosion in the middle east and was hit with shrapnel and incurred a traumatic brain injury along with terrible PTSD.

“After years of recovery he eventually was able to competently compete after the incident which is a huge accomplishment,” Fujii said.

Matthew Perry was the only 9-year-old junior to compete. He didn’t place but did well for his first competition.

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